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We're Back - Posted Sep 10, 2001

We went to many classes with various speakers giving short 20 minute talks and the keynote speakers were even better. There were a few controversies that were discussed and yet the overall feeling was one of positive encouragement to accept new things and look for ways to use them rather than stifle growth. The Radio Show was so much less crowded than the one in Vegas since this was more focused on Radio. The food was good and the people very friendly. It was really interesting to hear what others in the industry are doing and their forecasts on future technologies. Keith is planning on writing a show report to be posted on the website soon.

It was good to take a break from our usual routine. Even though this was not a real vacation, we feel rested, excited to be back and motivated to implement some new ideas. This is kind of a family business, though we have to get Premiere's approval for some things. I enjoy working with Keith and getting to correspond with the listeners. As my daughter has been too busy to add to the Quickening News on a daily basis, I am going to be helping her. We enjoy getting links to possible submissions from a few regulars. Continue to send them to and either Jill or I will check them out and we really appreciate your help.

We like to think that whether you are a believer, sceptic or somewhere in between, you are able to find this site interesting and informative. I think that I am somewhere in between but then I am trying to be objective as we want to appeal to everyone and not just be one-sided, so I don't spend time self-analyzing my opinion. I am just wanting to share our listeners reactions. I like to post both sides of all issues though sometimes I only receive one side. It may often seem that it is the counter to the guests opinions but that is what causes many to react with their feedback. This is their way of expressing another point of view, as the guest just had lots of time sharing one side. So I hope that if it seems that there is too much scepticism in these posts that you will realize it is because this is what we have received not because it represents my views.

We have done lots brainstorming and are looking forward to adding some new features to the site. Any suggestions are welcome. Your participation has been a great help in making so fun for listeners to check out on a regular basis. Thanks for participating!

Peace, Mary

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