New Audio Clips

AUDIO [MP3] "Area 51 Caller" Song from Jared Morris, New Castle, DE

I just found this recording of a song I recorded back in 1997 called "Area 51 Caller". When listening to open lines I heard a caller call in who claimed he was flying a plane over Area 51, I had been writing an instrumental piece for and found that the drama from the audio of the call would go great in the song.. Ever since I placed it in the song, I can't imagine hearing it without it. I always meant to send it to Art but, never thought it was good enough...

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The Ketchup Song (Hey Hah)

Watch LAS KETCHUP's video for "The Ketchup Song (Hey Hah)" that the whole world is talking about! Courtesy

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AUDIO [MP3] Tom Dorfmeister of Radio Creature Feature sends us:

The Shadow People

This is an old radio show that deals with "The Shadow People" and sounds like what people are talking about today. This originally aired 9/5/1952 And has a quote how we all have had an experience with "The Shadow People" This show is in public domain.

AUDIO [MP3] sends us:

Sounds from the Deep

0359 PDT Oct. 15, 2002 - There I was, laying in my water bed - my wife Sandy next to me.. In the back ground - playing softly - was the low tones of Art Bell.. Not - from his radio show - but the group on 3.830 mHz ham radio.. Dreaming of better times - full of mucus from a bad cold - tripped out - in a blue NyQuill fog - I feel a soft nudge to my body.. My wife said to me "WHAT'S THAT"... Expecting a UFO or something - I kind of came around.... BUT NOT SO... Over my THX sound system - using two Coral BX-1500 7-way sub-woofer was this great sound... At first it sounded like a great Blue Whale - which I've had a chance to record "Live"... No - it wasn't a whale or ET - it was human - Oh my God it was Ben.. The tones were so low - I'm still trying to find my cats - it sounded like an earthquake to them... My poor little house was a rocking and a rolling - in full color stereo.

Anyway my ribs still hurt - and the flume, all that mucus - it's all gone... Thank you - Ben..

Musical Contributions

AUDIO [Real] A listener came across a song about Art's place of residence - Pahrump Nevada. This is part of a collection of old 1953 radio programs from

AUDIO [MP3] Jim Collord, aka "Filth's Ghost" sends us this "Shadow People" song.

AUDIO [MP3] "Midnight in the Desert" by Crystal Gayle, more info available here.

AUDIO [MP3] Our good friend Dana Ray sends us his latest work, a patriotic song called, "The Lady's Light Still Shines." Thanks Dana! Please visit:

AUDIO [MP3] Shamanz Shadow ( sends us: I was exceptionally moved by listening to Red Elk On Your show. I too live in the Pacific Northwest. After hearing Red Elk, I am moving across the valley to higher ground. I must confess to having a spiritual awaking of some sort, and have a long awaited new direction in my life. As he said, "all will be warned in their own way", and my house has been a hotbed of polterguist-like activity. Pictures flying off walls, footsteps, rummaging through my things, repeatadly finding my front door wide open...I get the hint ...I'm moving. Enclosed find a song I made to thank Red Elk, called Time Cave.

AUDIO [MP3] Jim DiBattista writes: I'm a singer-songwriter down here in Lake Worth,Florida. This is a song I wrote called "A Close Encounter." I composed it after having this experience in November of 1997. It was right at the time that the Hale-Bop comet was in the NW sky and I was smoking a cigarette on a plastic chair in the backyard of the apt. We were living in on a dark street. The song is an accurate account of what happened and what I saw- all I can say is, I swear it's the truth.

AUDIO "Burning Snella" writes Outside the Box.

AUDIO [MP3] Wierd Al Yankovic records I Think I'm a Clone.

AUDIO Art Bell Intro Theme Song (The Chase) By Jared Morris

AUDIO Hilly Rose plays Why Worry 'bout Y 2 K by the Dana Ray Band See their website at

AUDIO Millennium Master -- Dr. Rajah von Zeetar sends us this song written by Mark Schoenrock.

AUDIO Art's Song

AUDIO What's Going On? A Song by Jeff Kolby, which includes sound clips from various Art Bell programs.

AUDIO Ballad of Mel's Hole from the folks at KXLE. 2 Minutes

AUDIO Ballad of the Greys The Dana Ray band recorded this song, which includes references to Art Bell and Dreamland. Art played this song on the air. (300K) Here are the Lyrics in Text Form.

AUDIO Coast to Coast Opening Theme Song: Here is a 16Kbps format version of "The Chase" in mono. 8 Minutes.

AUDIO Trapped on the Internet, sent to us anonymously (4/2/99)

AUDIO Here is a "Song for Saddam" sent anonymously and played on Coast.

AUDIO The Frozen ET Burrito Blues by our friend Jeff Kolby in Tichigan, WI. The story of Jonathon's ET Experience, as show on our Aliens Page.

AUDIO Highwayman By The Highway Men. (Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson) Real-Audio 2.0 format. Columbia CD CK40056

AUDIO The El Chupacabra Song The Chupacabra song done to the tune of Macarena.

Misc. Files

AUDIO [MP3] "The Crocodile Hunter vs. Osama Bin Laden" -- Listen to this and many others at the Political Humor section of

AUDIO [Real] Jim Watkins ( sends us this funny clip about a Navy reject.

AUDIO [MP3] Art received this little bit of comedy and wanted you to hear it.

AUDIO [MP3] Another clip of Art from January, 1968, as disc jockey in Japan.

AUDIO [MP3] A clip of Art from January, 1968, as disc jockey in Japan. Send in by Tom. If anyone else has any OLD clips of Art, please send them in to us.

AUDIO [MP3] Brian J. ( says: A couple of years ago one night, while doing one of my regular recording sessions, for the purpose of developing my abilites to receive interdimensional voices ( EVP ), I was recording my old tube type Hallicrafters shortwave radio, and really having strong cravings for beer. Upon playback, I noticed this voice, not heard during the moment it was spoken. I perceive this to be saying "Brian, we all call for beer." I am quite sure it is true, that invisible, or non-physical entities, are somehow able to unconsciously influence us, and do feed off certain aspects of those of us in the flesh.

AUDIO [MP3] Michael E. Wolfgang, WLS-AM Creative Director sends us his latest creation of an Art Bell program promo.

AUDIO [MP3] Here is a recording of the Roswell Crash Report from a 1947 radio broadcast.

AUDIO [MP3] The UFO Sound from James Gilliland.

Old Real Audio Files

AUDIO The very funny Amazon.Com Commercials.

AUDIO The Zenith talking VCR and home theater commercials.

AUDIO Mir Space Station audio transmission on March 13, 1997 on VHF frequency 143.620. Anyone speak Russian? 2 Mins.