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Gregg N. found what he believes to be a "Carnival Ride Apparition" when he recently took photos of his daughter. Click here to view the enlargements and his story.

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Cyborgs: Where man meets machine. Read an excerpt.

Weekend Recap

An expert in the study of serial killers, Pat Brown ( shared her blunt and controversial approach to crime prevention and criminal profiling, as Barbara's guest on Saturday night.

Friday Recap

"We're going to toss open the unscreened dimensional portals and see what hops through," said special guest host Art Bell (email) as he kicked off Friday night's Open Lines. A theme emerged when a number of UFO and alien reports came in, and Art declared it "Contact Night."...cont.

Crop Circle Analysis

Writer Marshall Masters ( appeared during the first hour of Friday's show to discuss his ongoing research into crop circles. He believes there could be a covert attempt to suppress the phenomena in England...cont.

Friday Night Feature: The Unseen Beast

By Linda C.
Years ago, I worked at a barbeque place and had to be at work at 4:30 in the morning...One morning I was walking as usual and I passed this place that went under the bridge and I heard what sounded like a small kitten mewing just out of sight in the shadows...

For several days this went on, then something started to change. It was the sound the animal was making...cont.


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Sun 09.07 >>
James Chiles, the author of Inviting Disaster, delves into some of history’s worst catastrophes in order to show how increasingly “smart” systems leave us wide open to human tragedy.
Mon 09.08 >>
James Gilliland
-ET Contacts-
Tue 09.09 >>
Gary Pratt
-Innovative Technologies-
Wed 09.10 >>
James Gardner
-Evolution of Life-
Thu 09.11 >>
Glenn Kimball
-Otherworldly Beings-
Fri 09.12 >>
Stanton Friedman & Frank Feschino
-Flatwoods Monster UFO Case- flatwoodsmonster

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