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Cat Fish Bob ( sends us:

Hi, a friend of mine brought this to work and showed me. He found it and two others barried under his house when he was doing some work under there house. I have been trying to talk him into taking it to the University to find out what it is. He is afraid he will not get it back. I talked him into letting me take this photo and i told him i would send to Art Bell and maybe he would post on web site and some one might know what it is ... Thank you ... Bob

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Rodney A. Duplisea ( Bangor, Maine writes:

I found this newspaper clipping in my mother's scrapbook. She had clipped it from the Bangor Daily News, in Bangor Maine during the Korean War. Possibly, you have seen this before. When I saw this clipping, it made me think so much of your show.

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