Space Images


Robert Talaga ( sends us:

Here's a photo of Comet Ikeya-Zhang taken from my backyard observatory on the evening of March 26. A 12" telescope and CCD camera were used to acquire the photo. The comet is now faintly visible to the unaided eye in the western sky shortly after sunset.


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Ben ( sends us this favorite from a year ago, titled: "The Earth At Night"

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George in Apple Valley, Ca. ( sends us:

I'd like to share a photo with you, my interest in Astronomy was recently 're-kindled' with the fact that a couple of co-workers purchased telescopes this winter. As I was bombarded with the usual questions, I decided to take up Astro-photography again and with the new equipment, it looks very promising. The enclosed photo was taken Saturday, January 13, 2002 from your own back yard (Apple Valley) Ca. Hope you enjoy it and keep doing the great job on your show. I'll be listening.

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