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The legend of the Chupacabra "Goat Sucker" lives on! This creature has been reported all over the continent. Here are some photos and information gathered from listeners and reporters.

Photos, Stills & Drawings

Richard Valk ( writes: Here is a picture I found posted on a forum. I thought you might want to take a look. (5/7/01)


Duane G. Ellen ( writes:

I know y'all are all pretty busy, but I'm pretty conversant with lots of kinds of animals, and I wanted to let you know... The first 'chupa' photograph (above) is definitely an owl. The spikes aren't hair but feathers.

The 'chupa' run over on the side of the road (below) is a chow cross with mange. I've seen dogs looking exactly this way in veterinarian world, where I work. Note the semi-haired ( not clean ) feet. Just thought I'd let you know.


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[IMAGE] Aaron Murphy writes: Here is a picture of a chupa carcass I found while out in Nebraska rummaging through old farms and abandoned missile silos. Originally, it was at the entrance of a gate in a sink hole out by an abandoned silo. Inside the silo were all sorts of salamanders, frogs and snakes. Otherwise, the silos were pretty empty except for this carcass, which just about scared me to death when I saw it. I took it out into the sun to get a good picture of it, then I left. I didn't want to find out what else might be lurking down below. (11/28/98)


[IMAGE] A Chupa made entirely out of garden equipment. Posted 9/22/97


[IMAGE] Another Chupacabra?? Here is the story from Michael White:

An unknown animal was run over in Dequincy (a town about 10 miles north of us.) Someone took pictures of the animal and sent them to "The Dequincy News" ( A small bi-weekly paper) After reading the article my friend took interest and called to see what happened to the body. The paper told them that "for all they knew, it's still out on the road." Immediately my friends went out and found what was left of it (I think it had been out there a couple of weeks by this time.) One of them still has the remains. Then they found the woman who took the original photos and made copies of these. (the B&W in the paper isn't a great picture.) Then I showed up...

I immediately went to the library and got on the internet to dig up what I could on the Chupacabra. I was overwhelmed by the amount of reports and the variations of descriptions and experiences, so I focused on the connecting facts and the earlier reports which seemed alot more credible. One of the common elements of many of the early reports was that it contained lots of hair, and that it had a "baboon face". In the Dequincy article, (which is only a paragraph long) There in print was the term "baboon face" again, this to me definitely meant that this could very well be the Chupacabra. Upon talking to another Phenomenon buff I was told that it sounded alot like a legendary creature known as "The Plum Creek Creature", also from Louisiana. I still need to check more into that. Below is the article, word for word...

THE DEQUINCY NEWS vol 72, No.24 Sept. 25, 1996, Dequincy La. 70633

WHAT IS IT? Mrs. Barbara Mullins took this photograph of an animal that apparently had been killed by a car on the Pearce road east of Temple-inland. It was the size of a very large dog and was covered with thick wooly hair. It had the general appearance of a dog, except for the face, which looked somewhat like that of a baboon. Was it a dog or some unidentified animal?

Additional information: About the size of a large St. Bernard. The face is like skin with a baboon shape. The limbs seem very small and frail for such a large animal. It had no tail. It seems to have large shoulder-blades, and shoulders. I am working to find a good place to have some of the bones sent for analysis. Posted 8/20/97.


[IMAGE] What child doesn't love a goat-sucking alien with a nifty name? We've all seen the children's cereal commercials where the product's mascot is denied the very product he endorses over and over again. Well NOT TRUE with new CHUPACABRA CRUNCH!! The Chupacabra can eat as many red marshmallow goats as he wants and so can kids! Together with blue claws, green aliens, and saucer-shaped whole grain cereal a nutritious breakfast is a heartbeat away! Served best with goats milk, this delicious cereal provides nine essential vitamins and minerals not found in nature. And don't forget to look for your very own alien toy found inside every box! Collect all 51! DON'T DELAY - Get CHUPACABRA CRUNCH TODAY!


[IMAGE] From a video of a TV station report in San Antonio of a captured Chupacabra on Farmers land. Here is the supporting E-Mail message from the reporter Derik Lattig


[IMAGE] Still images from the program "Strange Universe", featuring photos of a Chupacabra. Images transfered from video to computer by Sharon.


[IMAGE]A another suggested photo of a Chupacabra. Submitted Dec 3, 1996 by Dave who claims his cat Gomez dragged it in! :-) Actually this is a photo of the "Batratspidercrab" monster from the movie "The Angry Red Planet."


[IMAGE] A little art imitating life? David Seffren says: "Here is a picture of a chupa I spotted in Rhinelander, WI. Just after I took this picture the thing devoured a small child. Unfortunately, this was the last picture on the roll and by the time I loaded the next roll, the chupa had disappeared into the parallel dimension from which it came. In respect of the memory of that child -snif- I think you should really put this up on the page. -snif snif- At the least to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again. Keith, do it for ... for the child ... for all the children ! I gotta go now, I'm dripping tears all over the keyboard." Me thinks David has an imagination!


[IMAGE]A suggested photo of a Chupacabra, as documented by this attached E-Mail. Nice halloween costume!


[IMAGE]A another suggested photo of a Chupacabra. It's actually from a "Goosebumps" book cover.


[IMAGE]A drawing by Carmen Rizzolo of the Chupacabra


Chupa Pet

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TIMELINE and Information


By Lawrie Williams
Rio Grande Valley South Texas
Sightings of what may have been a condor linked to a rash of mutilated cattle. Blood was removed to the last drop.

Early 1970s.
Brownsville Texas
Rancher finds a bull dead - no blood around it, no tracks.

Puerto Rico
4 or 6 "little greys" found under a bed and chased out of the house with a broom. (reported by Joyce Murphy.)

March 11 1995
Eight sheep found dead. The animals had three strange marks or puncture holes in the chest and were described as "completely drained of blood."

August 1995
Canvanas, Puerto Rico
Chupacabra blamed for the death of about 150 animals.

Sun Nov 19 1995
Puerto Rico
The chupas is blamed in the deaths of dozens of turkeys, rabbits, goats, cats, dogs and even horses and cows...

Said to have ripped open the bedroom window of a house in the north-central city of Caguas, destroyed a stuffed teddy bear, and left a puddle of slime and a piece of rancid white meat on the windowsill. It had hairy arms and huge red eyes. In another attack it came at about 7 a.m. "It just showed up and -- poof -- it vanished."

Nov 19 1995
35 times in three months. Canovanas Puerto Rico Resident saw it one afternoon in his back yard when it came out of the brush and bit the family dog. "I think it belongs to the monkey family, but it isn't a monkey exactly," he said. ``It ran like a monkey and was about four feet tall, but it didn't have a tail.''

Dec 7
near Guanica, Puerto Rico
Unusual bloodless deaths of chickens and cows.

Dec 14
Naguabo on the east coast
Several caged rabbits were "found dead with holes in the neck area, without a drop of blood." Other rabbits had disappeared. Near rabbit cage was a track with a three-toed claw.

Fri 15 Dec 1995
Puerto Rico
In one year is thought responsible for at least 1OOO killings- goats, sheep, cattle, chickens and other animals. There are many eye witness accounts. The creature is 4 - 6 feet tall, walks upright, is not humanoid, has large oval alien type eyes.

18 Dec 1995
Puerto Rico
Animals died as the result of a single puncture mark found on some part of the body which apparently drained them of blood. One photo shows a Siamese cat with a puncture mark through its skull.

Dec 18 1995
Puerto Rico
Local tabloid Vocero echoed the possibility that giant vampire bats had infiltrated the island in cargo shipments proceeding from South America. Normal sized bats are fairly common in the Caribbean.

Thurs Dec 21
3 am near Guanica, Puerto Rivo
44-year-old Osvaldo Claudio Rosado was washing a car. He was grabbed from behind. He tried to fight off the intruder and saw a black-haired "gorilla" about five feet tall which ran off. Rosado had cuts in his abdomen, possibly torn by fingernails or claws.

Thurs Dec 21 1995
Klamath Falls
Pregnant heifer dead with her right ear gone, hide cut from her face, the tongue cut lengthwise along the top of the teeth, all four teats removed leaving black circles on the surface of the udder, and the rectum and vagina cut out in a neat "keyhole" cut. No blood at any of the excisions or on the ground.

Tues Dec 26
Early morning hours Puerto Rico
Torrecilla Baja region
Woman heard strange noises in her house and dog barking. Siamese cat found dead with the genitals removed, two guinea hens with their throats slit, a chicken with "perforations," and four ducks and four rabbits dead in their cages.

Tues Dec 26 1995
Puerto Rico - San German
Eleven goats found dead.

Jan 4 1996
Isabella County, Michigan.
Eight calves frozen and dead. Two were skinned of their hide from head to hooves; six were skinned of all their hide from neck to hooves. All were black and white Holsteins and about a week old.

Jan 7 1996
Klamath Falls, Oregon
One week old calf dead and mutilated. Right ear had been cut off and the entire skull had been removed.

NW Miami rural area
March 1996
Killed about 40 animals. One woman saw a dog-like figure standing up, with two short hands in the air.

May 2 1996
Rio Grande Valley South Texas
Pet goat dead with three puncture wounds in its neck. 6 y.o. goat found with "telltale marks of the "Chupacabra"

Thur May 2
Juarez Mexico
Many small mammels, dogs, etc. have met with this tall "animal"-like being with three toed feet and hands, on haunches with the fore arms suspended at chest level very similar to a kangaroo. It has a row of spikes or straight feather like projections from it's head and down it's back that raise and lower and have been seen to glow with their own light. Has been seen to take off on all fours. The "sucking " device seems to be a tube like projection from the mouth.

Thur May 2 1996
Mexico and Miami
Attacks are becoming more distributed. Wounds resemble 1/4" holes similar to a biopsy puncture that extend completely through muscle tissue and in at least one instance the wounds were discovered pronouncedly through the inner tissue without leaving any wound traces on the surface layer skin.

May 3 1996
Calderon Village Sinaloa, Northern Mexico.
A giant bat-like creature terrorizes a village. Goats are found daily with their blood sucked dry, witnesses said today. Farmers have formed night vigilante squads. "We are telling people to keep the women and children locked up inside at night" a villager said, "Nobody knows really what it is." Dozens of goats have fallen victim to the bloodsucker. It has allegedly attacked one human.

Fri May 3
Mexican State of Sonora - Veracruz and Agua Prieta.
Numerous animals drained of blood and a vague report of a human suffering the same fate.

Fri May 3
Sinaloa State, the state below Sonora State.
Dead cows and sheep. The animal(s) is described as 1-1.5 feet and able to take flight.

Fri May 3
Six other states in Mexico
Similar attacks have been reported.

May 9 1996 2 a.m.
Espinoza Family - a front door was opened and a creature was seen 3 to 4 foot high with scaly skin, clawed hands, red eyes, and a row of spines from the skullcap and down the back. The creature "mumbled and gestured".

May 9 1996 5-5.3O a.m. - dawn
A seven year old boy in the same house said the creature stood on his bed and briefly on his chest. Both the older and younger Espinoza family members described a smell "like a wet dog."

May 10 1996
Reports of a chupacabra among Hispanics.

Wed May 12
Mexico's southern state of Chiapas
28 dead rams found with puncture marks


"The world's 3 species of blood-sucking bats live predominantly in the warm climates of Latin America. Similar recent cases have emerged from Peureto Rico, Costa Rica and El Salvador."

"Puerto Rico harbors a number of military animal research laboratories."

"Seeing either the creature or moving lights in the sky has led to speculation that the chupacabras might be from outer space."

"The New Jersey Devil adheres to descriptions of physical appearence as well as the nature of the wounds. Puncture wounds are often left resembling the classic vampire bite."

"Very large, slanted, glowing red eyes. Face is flat, perhaps simian-like, body some say is covered with spotted skin "like a frog's" or has "spikes on its head and back" with "chicken legs" that have a 3-toed foot about six inches long. Such tracks have been found and photographed in dirt near dead animals. This creature has been seen to hop, or fly, from the ground to a tree or from trees to the ground."

"It attacks so fast, everything from horses to sheep. It sucks out the blood completely."

Compiled from files posted on internet.

There is a body of thought that the bats properly belong in the primate family. If so then these dudes are our rellies. Note that humans are the easiest of prey compared to goats and other animals yet there is no evidence they have hurt anyone.

Also note the similarities with spring heeled jack, jack the ripper and the "devil" of the 15th-17th century that may have sparked the witchunts. Hmmm. There'll be some red Christian faces if this turns out to be so.

A large collection of Chupacabra information is available at El Chupacabra Online.