The 3830 Group

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NOTICE 03/01/2001: The '3830 Group' has changed frequencies to 3853 KHz for the time being, while interference is present on 3830. Should the interference move to 3853, look for us back on 3830.

The 3830 group is a bunch of Ham radio guys and gals who have a long history of conversing on technical issues and current events, on the 75-meter Ham band. The group originally started with Art (W6OBB), Bob (K6MIT) and ORV (K6UEY). Art may come up on frequency after the show and many times on Saturday and Sunday nights.

The group starts up generally about 12 Midnight, lasting until 4AM Pacific time.

Shortwave Listeners will need a radio capable of receiving SSB (Single-Side Band) signals as we use LSB (Lower-Side Band) type emmisions. Tune into 3830 KHZ, or 3.830 MHZ on your SW receiver dial. Reception is generally better on the west coast, east coast listeners may not be able to hear all stations.

Art Bell's Ham callsign is W6OBB.
Keith Rowland, your webmaster's call sign is KG7EL.

The 3830 group has a members picture page at

The 3830 group has a Message Forum called, "Voices in the Night."