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Feedback Section Closed - Oct 16th, 2001
We sadly regret to inform you that we are closing the feedback section at this time. Due to financial cutbacks at PRN...
Killing For Any Reason is Wrong - Oct 15th, 2001
I don't know what your religious beliefs are, if any, but for me and many others out there like me, my beliefs are at the center of any decision I make.
Islam is NOT Peaceful! - Oct 15th, 2001
They are insane, not peaceful. Buddhists are peaceful. They preach non-violence.
More Big Brother Changes - Oct 15th, 2001
Could streaming changes be considered a form of identity tracking? No longer will you be able to listen anonymously.
Rough Ride Ahead - Oct 15th, 2001
Basically what is going on on a larger scale, is the same thing that happened to Napster. In the end, you are going to pay for everything on a unit basis instead of advertisers paying.
Report Chemtrails to Police - Oct 15th, 2001
The more people that are made aware of it the better. If enough people start asking questions, we might get some answers. At least we will have a body of evidence.
What is Wrong With This Picture? - Oct 15th, 2001
If we are at war, and are full aware of the "Sleepers" already in place, let us quit hugging and doing all of this feel good crap, and ship them out.
Where We Want To Stand In This Fight - Oct 15th, 2001
At some point, when you are being constantly attacked, you have to fight back or surrender and allow yourself to be killed.
Streaming Fee is OK With Me - Oct 15th, 2001
I 'm OK with spending .23 cents a day to listen. It's a great program
No Streamlink for Me - Oct 15th, 2001
Here are a few disappointed listeners sharing their opinion of the new subscription for listening to the live and archived shows.
One is Too Many - Oct 14th, 2001
One limb lost is too many, but gangrene will still kill you... as unpleasant as it may be - I recognize that sometimes it is necessary that some will suffer so that all will not be lost.
Killing of Innocents - Oct 14th, 2001
If there is death amongst the Afghan civilians, it is more on the head of the non caring Taliban than it is on that of the United States who at least tried to make its war capability more surgical.
Feeling Left Out of the Loop - Oct 14th, 2001
But I can't help but feel that I'm not the only person who can't take advantage of a subscription service.
The Day the Music Died - Oct 14th, 2001
Therefore no matter how much it pains me it would appear that I will no longer be able to listen.
Sympathy Propaganda - Oct 14th, 2001
WE didn't START THIS! They WANT you to see their injured children so as to gain public sympathy and support for their misguided cause! You've fallen hook, line and sinker for their twisted propaganda efforts!
Some Still Don't Get It - Oct 14th, 2001
Anyone who believes that what we are doing with Afghanistan is 'not peaceful' needs to take a look at the Afghan government. It's not fit for the people.
The Ugly Truth of War - Oct 14th, 2001
We can sit here and get angry at innocents losing their lives until the cows come home, but that's not going to bring back those lives that have been lost. It is NOT 'OK,' when it's one of theirs, and not one of ours. It is NOT OK when it's the other way around either. This is the ugliness of war.
One Child is Too Many - Oct 13th, 2001
Think about it America. One child, from anywhere, is too many. One child suffering as a result of our need to get even, or for revenge, is too many.
Peace is Lack of Violence - Oct 13th, 2001
Now, I do believe that the events of September 11th were horrible. It showed us the lowest of the low our species can sink to. But is the answer to violence, more violence?
A few Words About Chemtrails - Oct 11th, 2001
Here in southern Maine and northern New Hampshire we are being deluged with "Chemtrail's" of late. The 10th of October was terrible as our skys were obscured by the TANKERS spraying that day / all day.
Islam/Saudi Arabia - Oct 11th, 2001
We now know that christians are once again being arrested in Saudi Arabia for worshiping in the privacy of their own homes. We hear these Islamic religious and government leaders espousing the Islamic religion as being full of peace and serenity, but only if you practice the Islamic faith and subscribe to its teachings.
A Plea - Oct 11th, 2001
Why NOT a group prayer for Art's quick recovery? Couldn't hurt, as far as I can see. If it worked, it might even make scientific history,
Sick of the Propaganda - Oct 11th, 2001
I'm really getting sick of hearing about the benevolent nature of Islam, and the Muslims of the world. Current events as well as history simply does not support this point of view.
Calls For Murder Are NOT Freedom of Speech - Oct 11th, 2001
Calls to kill innocent people should NEVER be considered 'PROTECTED' free speech! In a war, allowing your adversary to broadcast his message of death and destruction is suicidal, and must never be accepted by freedom loving people.
Predictions - Oct 11th, 2001
I understand that you have some "vision" of an airplane crash or some other horrific event. You call the authorities about your "vision" to warn them. You are more likely than not to be taken into custody...
Corrupted Bankcard - Oct 11th, 2001
I got a call from my bank. They told me I better get a new ATM card because mine has been "corrupted". Apparently this is how it works...
I'm With Art - Oct 11th, 2001
I don't want to see innocents killed, but this is war, clearly, this is war, and in war, very bad things happen, and I'd rather it happen to them, than for it to happen to us.
To American Muslims - Oct 11th, 2001
You are welcome here. You are us. The freedom to believe what you will and to say it, is not just an American right. It is a human right.
Pacifists Not Thinking - Oct 11th, 2001
I am dismayed and disturbed by what I continue to read from the pacifists. The events of September 11th were acts of WAR, nothing less.
Chemtrails and Bio-Attacks - Oct 11th, 2001
Here are a couple more theories about Chemtrails.
Pray For Rush Limbaugh - Oct 11th, 2001
When I first heard of his loss of hearing, I thought it was an act of true karma. I figured since he didn't listen or heed anyone's opinions who didn't differ from his narrow-minded way of thinking...
In Defense of the Limbaugh Project - Oct 11th, 2001
May you never be judged "unworthy" by anyone when YOU need spiritual assistance or intervention in your lives.
Praying For Rush - Oct 11th, 2001
We're on a slippery slope when we try to interpret illness or misfortune as a punishment for past misdeeds...
Peace Must Be Fought For - Oct 10th, 2001
Another thing which has me puzzled is just how the anti-war people (and believe me, the bulk of those have already had their 15 minutes) base their position. What it really all comes down to, with all their excuses and 'lets try to understand the terror' is this: We are to blame.
The Limbaugh Project - Oct 10th, 2001
Now Rush almost single handedly resurected AM radio and for that I acknowledge his talent. But I won't be a part of the mass event wishing him relief from his medical situation.
$43 Million Aid Package - Oct 10th, 2001
The package was new humanitarian assistance for the people of Afghanistan, including ... It is a time for uniting against a common enemy, and that enemy is terrorism, not the Bush Administration.
Delusions About the Government - Oct 10th, 2001
It's become so complicated and we have so little control over our lives....then I think about past history & realize that none of the human masses ever had control over their lives.
Afghanistan Solution Not Enough - Oct 9th, 2001
I'm sure the U.S. knows that showing kindness to the poor in Afghan isn't going to change Bin Laden, terrorists, or any person's mind about how they feel about the U.S.
$43 MILLION to the Taliban - Oct 9th, 2001
Is there anyone out there that wants to address the $43 Million that the Bush Administration gave to the Taliban in May 2001 to burn down the poppy fields?
What About the Chem-Trails? - Oct 9th, 2001
With the millions of listeners to your radio program, I am surprised that the news has not to date, as far as I know, commented on the strange appearances of Chem-Trails that have appeared all over our country...
Would Someone Please Start Telling the Truth!!!!! - Oct 9th, 2001
With all that has been happening in this world, I think it is time for the Government to fess up and tell the American People what is really going on. For example, this thing with the Anthrax cases...
The Evidence Against Bin Laden and Al'Qaeda - Oct 9th, 2001
This is also for people (myself included) who wanted to see some kind of proof or definitive evidence that Bin Laden was in fact behind this before attacking.
Food & Love Bombs - Oct 9th, 2001
I agree Bomb the HELL out of them! With love and food and medical supplies!
The Home-Front Revisited - Oct 9th, 2001
Patience and resolve is what is needed to assure our safety and the security for all the future generations that follow us. Patience and resolve is what we will demonstrate for the entire world to see.
Blinded by "The Old Rich" - Oct 9th, 2001
In light of middle-eastern affairs, I'd say fossil-fuel products have DEFINITELY worn out their welcome to the average U.S. citizen. Of course there are alternative fuels and engines that are MUCH more efficient and environmentally safe than what are currently afforded to us!
Psychological Predators - Oct 9th, 2001
No one who has listened to Art Bell for more than two years can seriously consider Ed Dames and Sean David Morton to be anything other than manifest charlatans. They have demonstrated ZERO success at anything
Keeping Everyone Informed - Oct 9th, 2001
Since I am part of the scientific community, I felt a personal duty to inform everyone as to what Anthrax is, how it is spread, where it effects the anatomy directly, and the generalized symptoms. Included in this notification are also a list of symptoms, and a notable cautionary statement that everyone should heed (in my opinion anyway).
Muslim Extremists - Oct 9th, 2001
Essentially, I maintain that the West will probably find itself at war with Islam generally in the not too distant future..The common Western propaganda which states that Islamic terrorists are not true Muslims is preposterous.
Extremists - Oct 9th, 2001
I am troubled to hear on the program from time to time people asking, "What is the difference between Muslim extremists and Christian extremists?"
Scarey Situation - Oct 9th, 2001
I live in Florida and very close to where terrorist lived...I am not in a panic, but we all need to know what is going on without glossing it over.
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