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Shuttle Mission STS-80 Video

Here are three clips of mysterious objects on NASA video from the STS-80 mission.

Clip A, Clip B, Clip C

Recent Art Bell guest reveals actual scientific images of soul

NASA Images and Related Links

[IMAGE] These photos were recently declassified from the NASA Dryden Research Facility at Edwards AFB in California. They are of the X-33, X-36, X-38 and Darkstar spacecrafts.


[IMAGE] A drawing from Mark McCandlish showing his conception of the Aurora.


[IMAGE] These are earlier experimental designs which led to the "AURORA" and the Space Shuttle. They are the X-24A, M2-F3, and the HL-10 (the most successful of all the XLR-11 rocket-engine powered "lifting bodies", reaching a speed of 1,228 MPH and an altitude of 90,303 FT in February, 1970).