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Where does the term "Abby-Normal" come from? Art Bell has included in his vocabulary on the air, the pronunciation of "abnormal" as "abby-normal," derived from the Mel Brook's movie "Young Frankenstein." Abby Normal was the name that the scientist's hunchback servant used to mistakenly identify the brain that was labeled "Abnormal" that he retrieved from the lab for him to use in his experiment. Obviously Art is a fan of this movie and has adopted this version of the term whenever dealing with the notion of abnormal. "Abby" is also the name of one of Art's cats.

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Small Aircraft Crashes Into Federal Reserve Bank Building - Dec 6th, 2002

MIAMI -- A small plane crashed into the Federal Reserve Bank Building at NW 41 Street and 90 Avenue near Doral in Miami earlier tonight, killing the pilot and forcing the evacuation of more than 100 people attending a holiday season party, authorities said. No one inside the building was injured.

Severe Sickness Plagues Vancouver Residents - Dec 6th, 2002

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A highly contagious virus that's plaguing Florida cruise ships is spreading through two assisted living homes in Vancouver.

Earth Gets Fatter Thanks to Faster Glacial Melting - Dec 6th, 2002

Accelerated melting of Earth's glaciers in recent years has forced the planet to let a notch out of its belt as its midsection gains girth, according to a study released today.

Man Found Dead 44 Years After 'Trip to U.S.' - Dec 6th, 2002

MILAN (Reuters) - An Italian man who packed his bags 44 years ago and told friends he was leaving for America was found dead inside one of the walls of his home.

Water found at Martian south pole - Dec 6th, 2002

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., Dec. 5 (UPI) -- Scientists reported Thursday they have discovered frozen water near the south pole of Mars, a finding that will help to create more accurate computer models of Martian climate and could be useful when human space missions reach the planet.

Mexican Skull May Explain Indigenous Origins - Dec 6th, 2002

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A 13,000-year-old skull found in Mexico may help prove theories that some of the New World's first settlers arrived along a Pacific Coast route from Japan, and not just across the Bering Strait.

Star sheds light on African 'Stonehenge' - Dec 6th, 2002

(CNN) -- Mysterious ruins in Zimbabwe, nearly brushed this week by the shadow of a total solar eclipse, once served as an astronomical observatory to track eclipses, solstices and an elusive exploding star, a South African scientist said.

Study: Asteroids shaped Mars canyons - Dec 6th, 2002

Martian wet seasons may not have supported microbes

Interstellar Signal from the 70s Continues to Puzzle Researchers - Dec 6th, 2002

By Seth Shostak

Better Warheads Through Plastics - Dec 6th, 2002

ONR's Reactive Materials Enhanced Warhead Program seeks to demonstrate missile warheads that achieve visible catastrophic structural defeat of cruise missiles and manned aircraft.

A sea oddity - Dec 6th, 2002

Multicoloured lobster has both kinds of sex organs

Managers sentenced in Japanese mad-cow meat mislabeling scam - Dec 6th, 2002

TOKYO - Five former managers of Snow Brand Food Co., Japan's No. 6 meatpacker, were given suspended prison terms Friday for their roles in a beef-mislabelling scam that undermined public confidence in the quality of Japanese food.

Scientist Buried Alive to Study Avalanches - Dec 6th, 2002

Dec. 5 — Snow scientist Ed Adams spent the last 20 years trying to predict avalanches by using a direct method. He sets off an avalanche and puts himself directly into its path so that it buries him alive.

Scientists 'weigh' distant world - Dec 6th, 2002

For the first time, astronomers have obtained an accurate measurement of the mass of a planet circling another star.

Irradiated patients set off security devices - Dec 6th, 2002

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Patients treated with radioactive materials may be setting off anti-terrorism devices installed in public places, according to a medical journal letter detailing a case that occurred in the New York subway.

Mice, men share 99 percent of genes - Dec 6th, 2002

(CNN) -- When it comes to DNA, it turns out there's not that much difference between mice and men.

China to unveil world's fastest train - Dec 6th, 2002

SHANGHAI, China (AP) -- Chinese and German engineers are rushing to prepare the world's first commercial magnetic levitation train, capable of speeds of around 250 mph, for a debut run some time around New Year's Day.

Lovable trickster created a monster with Bigfoot hoax - Dec 5th, 2002

"Ray L. Wallace was Bigfoot. The reality is, Bigfoot just died," said Michael Wallace about his father, who died of heart failure Nov. 26 in a Centralia nursing facility. He was 84.

Confounded by Coffee - Dec 5th, 2002

Here's something to ponder over your next cup of joe: the physics of a humble bag of coffee grounds still holds surprises for scientists. (Your Government dollars at work -ed.)

Novel fridge cools with sound - Dec 5th, 2002

Some of the coolest sounds in the world are coming out of a laboratory in Pennsylvania.

Study: Warming Will Deplete Water - Dec 5th, 2002

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Global warming will have a devastating effect on water availability in the western United States, a new climate forecast predicts.

Plan to kill 25,000 deer protested - Dec 5th, 2002

A controversial plan to kill all the deer in a 411-square-mile area of Wisconsin is in jeopardy because many landowners and hunters refuse to cooperate.

Discovery Channel to film sunken sub - Dec 5th, 2002

Two University of Hawai'i deep diving submersibles will return Dec. 17 to the site of the Japanese midget submarine that became the first casualty of the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor.

UFOs in 15th century paintings - Dec 5th, 2002

ITALY'S Old Masters were recording flying saucers and UFOs in their paintings as far back as the 15th century, according to a scientist in Rome.

Life 'began on the ocean floor' - Dec 5th, 2002

A new and controversial theory on the origin of life on Earth is causing a stir among scientists.

American al-Qaida operatives can be killed - Dec 5th, 2002

Secret finding signed by Bush gives CIA authority, officials say

Smallpox in Iraq? - Dec 5th, 2002

CIA Investigates Allegations that Soviet Scientist Transferred Virus to Iraq

Leak Prompted Texas Reactor Shutdown - Dec 4th, 2002

DALLAS (AP) - A reactor at a Texas nuclear power plant was shut down after a leak of radioactive water, leading to government scrutiny of the utility's plan for finding such leaks.

1 In 20 Crashes Linked To Cell Phones - Dec 4th, 2002

(CBS) Harvard researchers estimate about one in 20 U.S. traffic accidents involve a driver talking on a cell phone, but say laws banning cellular phone use while driving would cost society about as much as it would save.

Geologists discover world's oldest rocks - Dec 4th, 2002

MONTREAL, Canada (Reuters) -- A team of Canadian geologists said on Tuesday they had found rocks dating back nearly 4 billion years, which could help scientists better understand Earth's early development and the very beginnings of life.

Postal workers to get radiation pills - Dec 4th, 2002

WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. postal workers will be offered potassium iodide pills to protect against thyroid cancer in the event of a radiological emergency.

Infant rat heads grafted onto adults' thighs - Dec 4th, 2002

Infant rats are being decapitated and their heads grafted onto the thighs of adults by researchers in Japan.

Canada is the Newest Member on the US Enemies List - Dec 4th, 2002

DUMMERSTON, Vt. - The U.S. tends to take Canada for granted, at least until Canada acts in a way that reminds Americans that our northern neighbor is not the 51st state. A few days ago, right-wing pressure on both sides of the border forced Francoise Ducros to resign her job as Prime Minister Jean Chretien's communications director after she made an off-the-record remark calling President Bush a "moron."

First US Fuel Cell Car Delivered - Dec 4th, 2002

The mayor of Los Angeles has taken delivery of the first hydrogen powered car to be put into general use in the United States. The new car is pollution and noise free, and is fueled by the most abundant element in the universe.

Why Did the USSR Lose the Moon Race? - Dec 4th, 2002

The Soviet Union was completely unprepared to beat the US in the space race

Human skulls are 'oldest Americans' - Dec 4th, 2002

Tests on skulls found in Mexico suggest they are almost 13,000 years old - and shed fresh light on how humans colonised the Americas.

British Military 'Suppressed UFO Information' - Dec 4th, 2002

LONDON (Reuters) - The British government tried to cover up one of the country's most famous sightings of an unidentified flying object, a parliamentary watchdog ruled Tuesday.

Widow Hires Rocket to Send Husband Into Orbit - Dec 4th, 2002

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German woman will blast her husband's ashes into space on a Russian rocket to fulfill his last wish.

Toxic body decontaminated outside hospital - Dec 4th, 2002

HAMILTON—Hamilton police, firefighters and a chemical hazardous-materials team took over one lane of the street outside Hamilton General Hospital's morgue yesterday to decontaminate a body so toxic it was unsafe to do a post-mortem examination otherwise.

Study: Car phone benefits equal car phone accident costs - Dec 4th, 2002

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Researchers say increased cell phone use has led to more crashes caused by drivers on the phone, but the value people place on being able to call from the road roughly equals the accidents' cost.

Why the metric system is wrong - Dec 4th, 2002

Originally, you see, the metric unit of distance was supposed to be one ten-millionth of the span from the north pole to the equator.

Atlantis Under Antarctica? - Dec 4th, 2002

After WW II, scientists started to pay close attention to the issue of a supposedly once-existing civilization in Antarctica. The hypothesis is confirmed by some medieval maps and research of paleogeologists and glaciologists.

Shhh! American Prisoners Being Held in Afghanistan - Dec 4th, 2002

The USA is willing to exchange Guantanamo prisoners for missing soldiers

Seven-Year-Old Boy Walks in Snow to Save Family After Thanksgiving Day Accident - Dec 4th, 2002

GREELEY, Colo. (AP) - Authorities say a 7-year-old boy may have saved his mother's life after the family's pickup truck crashed as they drove home from Thanksgiving dinner.

Color is coming to U.S. paper money - Dec 4th, 2002

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 — The last time Andrew Jackson got a makeover, he ended up with a big head, slightly off-center. This time, he will get a little color. The most noticeable features of the last redesign of U.S. currency — the oversized, off-center portraits — produced all kinds of derisive nicknames: funny money, Monopoly money, cartoon money.

Bold technology predictions for 2012 - Dec 4th, 2002

Smart devices that talk to each other without human intervention, store merchandise that rings itself up for purchase and machines that finally understand the spoken word are just some of the new technologies awaiting us in the year 2012.

Tiny asteroids share Earth's orbit - Dec 4th, 2002

Canadian discovers space rocks unique in solar system

Aircraft guides whooping cranes to Florida refuge - Dec 4th, 2002

CHASSAHOWITZKA, Florida (AP) -- With help from ultralight aircraft, a flock of rare whooping cranes completed its 1,200-mile migration from Wisconsin to Florida.

No shortage of mysteries on Venus - Dec 4th, 2002

What kind of mysteries and scientific intrigue await the European Space Agency's Venus Express once it has left Earth for its nearest planetary neighbour in 2005? A closer inspection promises to reveal a planet that is hugely different from our own despite a few similarities.

Toxic Intruder - Dec 4th, 2002

Nov. 29 — Believe it or not, families around the country are fleeing their homes — or having them destroyed — because of an insidious intruder they say is making them sick.

Rocket Guy - Dec 4th, 2002

Man Prepares to Ascend Vertically into Space in Own Rocket

Starship Enterprise Boldly Goes - to the Park - Dec 4th, 2002

LONDON (Reuters) - Watch out for Klingons on the starboard bow -- The Starship Enterprise is landing in London's Hyde Park.

Penguin treated for depression - Dec 4th, 2002

A baby penguin has been treated for depression in Australia after a day out in town - which included a stint in jail - proved too eventful.

Thanksgiving Stuffing Suspected as More Than 100 U.S. Soldiers Get Food Poisoning in Afghanistan - Dec 3rd, 2002

BAGRAM, Afghanistan (AP) - Turkey stuffing from a Thanksgiving meal may have caused more than 100 soldiers to fall ill with food poisoning at a U.S. base in Afghanistan, the U.S. military said Saturday.

Turkey stakes out local bank, corners customers as they try to enter - Dec 3rd, 2002

PLAINFIELD, Conn. (AP) - A wild turkey gave some bankers and townspeople a run for their money two days before Thursday's Thanksgiving holiday. The hen turkey staked out some turf at the Jewett City Savings Bank on Tuesday and cornered customers as they tried to enter.

Soil scientists dig deep to find fertile world under our feet - Dec 3rd, 2002

The last great catalogue of undiscovered life on Earth is to be investigated by UN scientists ­ in the soil beneath our feet.

Spacesuit sparks a tug of war - Dec 3rd, 2002

Astronaut’s family and NASA disagree on who owns the artifact

Findings Point to Second Strain of Human 'Mad Cow' - Dec 3rd, 2002

LONDON (Reuters) - "Mad cow disease" may cause a second strain of the degenerative brain condition CJD, potentially increasing the number of people affected by diseased beef, according to research from a London university.

Massive dust cloud blankets Australian town - Dec 3rd, 2002

A town in New South Wales has been blanketed for over two hours by a massive dust cloud.

Cyber lab brewing up new planets - Dec 3rd, 2002

CNN) -- Biologists, astronomers and computer scientists are working together to construct planets from scratch to explore the variety of physical bodies that could host life.

CIA targets kids with website - Nov 30th, 2002

GET 'EM YOUNG say marketeers, religious preachers, politicos and paedophiles. So too does the CIA with a website aimed at kids.

Bees trap shoppers in liquor store - Nov 30th, 2002

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Marauding bees held shoppers hostage inside a Los Angeles liquor store for two hours on Thanksgiving while engaging firefighters in a tense standoff, officials said Friday.

El Nino Meant Fewer Hurricanes in 2002 - Nov 30th, 2002

MIAMI (AP) -- With only four hurricanes, the Atlantic storm season that ends Saturday was the calmest in five years, and forecasters were thanking the climate phenomenom known as El Nino.

'Divine intervention' diverts Etna lava - Nov 30th, 2002

The sweat of emergency workers and the intervention of God were credited yesterday for halting a river of lava only yards from a complex of buildings on Mount Etna.

Unmanned Predators Now Living Up to Name - Nov 30th, 2002

SAN DIEGO- The unmanned Predator aircraft is living up to its name as it evolves from an unarmed spy plane to a remote-controlled killer firing anti-tank missiles.

West Nile Md. Death Likely Transfusion - Nov 30th, 2002

BALTIMORE (AP) - A woman's death from the West Nile virus was probably related to a blood transfusion she received, health officials said Wednesday

Close encounters, part two - Nov 30th, 2002

Las Vegas businessman sets up shop at Utah ranch to study paranormal activities

Snow shows western Canada's warming - Nov 30th, 2002

Scientists in Canada say they have found evidence that the west of the country has warmed significantly over the last 150 years

Scientists Eye Northern Calif. Earthquake 'Swarm' - Nov 30th, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. seismologists on Friday were closely watching a small fault in the Bay Area that has produced more than 100 minor earthquakes since Sunday for any evidence the tiny temblors could herald a bigger quake.

Phytoplankton implicated in global warming - Nov 30th, 2002

The ubiquitous one-celled ocean organisms, phytoplankton, play a significant and previously unknown role in warming the planet by capturing and absorbing the Sun's radiation, American researchers have found.

Aryan UFOs and Antarctic Bases - Nov 30th, 2002

Germans were very close to solving the mystery

Early universe may have had snowflakes - Nov 30th, 2002

(CNN) -- Before galaxies, stars or planets, exotic snowflakes fluttered through the universe in the first and extremely dark cosmic winter, astronomers theorize.

Space junk mistaken for meteor shower - Nov 30th, 2002

SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- A ball of fire streaking across the sky early Thursday had people throughout the Northwest flooding radio and television stations with calls reporting a meteor shower.

Doctors set to transplant faces from dead to the living - Nov 30th, 2002

Surgeons are preparing to cross a new medical frontier with the transplant of a whole human face from a dead to a living person.

China Close to Cloning Giant Panda - Nov 29th, 2002

Scientists in China say they may soon be able to clone a giant panda, which is an endangered species.

Bin Laden tape a fake, Swiss lab says - Nov 29th, 2002

PARIS (AP) - The latest audiotape statement attributed to accused terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden is not authentic, a Swiss research institute said.

Spiders weave huge natural wonder - Nov 29th, 2002

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - A biology professor in northern British Columbia has spotted a clover field crawling with spiders.

Big Planets Form in Hundreds of Years, Not Millions - Nov 29th, 2002

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Astronomers unveiled a quick new recipe for creating big planets, using high-powered supercomputer calculations to show these gassy giants could form in hundreds of years, instead of millions.

NORAD investigates vapor trail reports - Nov 28th, 2002

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CNN) -- Fighter jets scrambled in an unsuccessful attempt to investigate a contrail of unknown origin first seen over the Caribbean and later reported over the midwestern United States, the Department of Defense said Thursday.

Britain to Publish Files on UFO Sightings - Nov 28th, 2002

LONDON (Reuters) - The British government will publish files on reported UFO sightings as part of a shake-up of its laws on freedom of information.

Ice Core Evidence of Global Warming in West Canada - Nov 27th, 2002

LONDON (Reuters) - An ice core drilled out of a mountain shows climate change has been occurring in western Canada for the past 150 years, scientists said Wednesday.

UFO sighting in Western NSW - Nov 27th, 2002

Call Mulder and Scully, we've got an X-file! They say the truth is out there, but for residents of the North West region of New South Wales, it might be a bit closer than they thought!

Horror dolls threaten Barbie - Nov 27th, 2002

BARBIE and Ken will have to watch their backs as a new generation of ghoulish and violent "urban toys" challenge their cosy pink suburban world.

UK bought 'wrong' smallpox vaccine - Nov 27th, 2002

The UK Government has bought the wrong vaccine to protect the country from the threat of a smallpox attack by terrorists, according to US experts.

Under tight security, US does smallpox experiments - Nov 27th, 2002

ATLANTA -- In an experiment unfolding under tight security, six rust and silver monkeys this past week grew listless, refused to eat, and broke out in blisters. Four have become sick, and two have died. The cause: smallpox.

Canada West Nile Death Blamed on Blood Transfusion - Nov 27th, 2002

TORONTO (Reuters) - A 57-year-old woman believed to have died of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus (news - web sites) may have been the first Canadian victim of the disease to contract it from a blood transfusion, health officials said on Tuesday.

Test run for telescope's new coat - Nov 27th, 2002

Scientists are going to extraordinary lengths to achieve a perfect finish on the giant mirrors of a new telescope.

Sharks latest woe for drought-hit rural Australia - Nov 27th, 2002

SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) -- Hungry sharks are venturing tens of kilometres (miles) up Australian rivers as drought reduces fresh water levels, forcing schools to warn children not to cool off in the local river.

SECURITY: Experts warn Winevar worm is spreading - Nov 27th, 2002

Internet security experts have issued a warning about a destructive new virus. Trend Micro say the Winevar worm runs on all Windows platforms and possesses the potential to delete files.

California firm signs deal to fly to moon - Nov 27th, 2002

MOSCOW --The Moon is open for business. A California company plans to fly the world's first private mission to the moon next year, delivering messages, business cards and cremated remains for a fee.

U.N. Inspectors Complete Surprise Visits at Two Sites in Iraq - Nov 27th, 2002

AMARIYAH, Iraq (AP) - International arms monitors searched a military missile-testing range and a state factory outside Baghdad Wednesday, starting a new round of inspections that could determine the future of peace in the Middle East.

European workers' shut down skies, schools and fire stations - Nov 27th, 2002

Europe was hit with a wave of workers' protests as air traffic controllers froze travel in France, British teachers and municipal workers joined striking firefighters and more than 20,000 people marched in Rome to support metalworkers' demands.

Equip Americans with Terror Alert Beepers? - Nov 27th, 2002

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Because media broadcasts may spread news too slowly in emergencies, a group of U.S. security experts recommended on Monday that Americans carry government-issued beepers for alerts of pending nuclear attack, biological threat or tornado.

Risk of internet collapse rising - Nov 27th, 2002

Simulated attacks on key internet hubs have shown how vulnerable the worldwide network is to disruption by disaster or terrorist action.

Italian Doctor Says Cloned Baby Due in January - Nov 27th, 2002

ROME (Reuters) - Controversial Italian fertility doctor Severino Antinori said on Tuesday a woman pregnant with a cloned embryo was due to give birth in January, but declined to give any details about her.

Security Hole Affects RealNetworks Players - Nov 27th, 2002

A security hole in RealNetworks's media player software could allow attackers to run arbitrary code on a user's computer.

East Texas schools close as illness spreads - Nov 27th, 2002

TYLER, Texas -- High student absence rates associated with a flulike illness spreading in East Texas have prompted several small districts to shut down.

Fresh evidence of 'eclipse wind' - Nov 27th, 2002

Researchers have confirmed the existence of a so-called "eclipse wind," often reported anecdotally during a solar eclipse.

Bush team eyes star power for energy needs - Nov 27th, 2002

Scientists asked to chart path for commercial fusion by 2037

The Mayan Mystery: a Lesson From the Past - Nov 27th, 2002

Why did the Mayans abandon their cities so suddenly?

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