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After Dark October 2003 has arrived!

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Featured in the October issue:
  • George Noory's Editorial: The Future is Here!
  • Buried Alive: True accounts of premature burial.
  • Werewolves and Vampires: Proof they exist?
  • Psychic Vampires: Is someone stealing your life force?
  • Strange Rain: Stories of flesh and blood rain.
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Weekend Recap

Sunday's guest, author Douglas Mulhall (website), discussed Nanotechnology and the possible findings of the smallest, perhaps most ancient organism. Its discovery has challenged the definition of life.

In the first hour of Saturday's show, videographer Jose Escamilla (, who discovered the "Rods" phenomenon in 1994, reacted to the presentation on the website that suggests Rods are caused by camera artifacts.

Saturday's main guest, historian David Jacobs ( highlighted some of the key events and theories that surround the subject of UFOs and alien abductions. Leading abduction researcher Budd Hopkins (website) also joined in during the first part of the conversation.

Friday Recap

Social Parapsychologist Elliott Madison of the White Crow Society differentiated standard sleep paralysis from Nocturnal or Old Hag assaults.

Regular sleep paralysis, he said, is associated with hormones that suppress motor functions during the dream state, that haven't completely worn off upon awakening...cont.

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Mon 09.29 >>
First Hour: Epidemiologist Dr. Robert W. Haley, will discuss the connection between Gulf War Syndrome and ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

Researcher, author and lecturer Michael Cremo ( will present his take on controversies within the Darwinian Theory of evolution and what he calls human devolution. Related Links:
Human Devolution
Forbidden Archeology
Tue 09.30 >>
John L. Petersen
-Future Scenarios-
Wed 10.01 >>
Jeffrey Mishlove
-Psychic Liberation-
Thu 10.02 >>
Douglas Hagmann
-Global Blackouts-

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