This page lists the current website and radio program sponsors.

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If you are interested in advertising on the radio program, call the Network at (541) 664-8829. 

Vendor Listing

The C. Crane Company - (800) 522-8863
CCRadio, CCExpedition, CCTrek Light, Super BayGen
Night Vision Scope, Shortwave Radios, AM Antennas and More.....

Progen Company - Aura Imaging Systems

Discount Cigarette Shop - Up to 50% Off on cigarettes. - Shirts, mugs, stickers that celebrate American Heritage

"Atlantis... Remembrance of Things Past," Novel by A.J. Grey

Great American Products - (800) 557-4627

Astrology at Sky View Zone, Astrology, Horoscopes and Software

Strong Woman, "Unshrouding the Secrets of the Soul" by M. Sue Benford (A TRUE STORY)
Visit Website for more info.....

Gas Up USA - Contact Allen Black at (801) 376-1154

Universe Productions - See the universe; over 200 objects (DVD/VHS)

Cocoon Nutrition (888) 988-3325

Spam Butcher - Cutting Edge Anti-Spam Software

Roswell UFO Documentary SPECIAL OFFER!!

Use Your Computer from Your Recliner or Bed! See the Easychair Workstation!

US Investigation - Find anything about anyone, background checks, criminal past, or locate someone.

Extreme Food - Sauces, Snacks, Recipes, and more... (800)98-BLAIR

Book, "Last Dagger of Nogales," by Gene Sabia

Consumer Credit Solutions - Legal credit restoration (888) 596-4997

Past Life Regression Software - Download Software to Unlock Your Hidden Past Life Memories

Global Online Systems - Work From Home and Earn Money.

Almost Free Land; 36 page guide on "How To" acquire land with very little work or investment.

Mind n' Muscle Program - A weight loss program to fit anyone's lifestyle.

Palatine Mystical Treasures - Collectible knives, jewelry, and perfume oils.

Above Black, by Dan Sherman (Alien contact project revealed)

American Entertainment - Patriotic Pins. (800) 303-4567

Code Busters... Examine secretly coded files the IRS keeps on you.

Dessert Crossroads - Youth Suicide Prevention

Charity Blends, LLC; Order coffee and tea and give to charity

The 4-Wheel Bike that Drives like a Car

Energize your body and turn back the hands of time! Product guaranteed!

Soothing Silk, Speedy Relief for Skin Problems

Herb and Vitamin Shop (Ginkgo 1000 and Super Charge)

Apothecary Herbs (power herbs book)

Better Books and Cassettes Of America (818)757-7123

Hardin Optical Company (877-633-8235)
Deep Space Hunters, Telescopes for the Night Sky

Lear Financial