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Begun in late May and continuing forward, is a new bonus for Streamlink users. Called Classic Clips, these are two Show Clips, that will remain a permanent part of the archive, and reside on individual Show Pages such as this one. Now you can have a taste of all M-F shows, even after their 90-day run. Enjoy!

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Clark H. took this photo 75 miles north of Santa Rosa on US 101, an area long thought to be a top secret U.S. government testing range. Click here to view the enlargement and his story.

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After Dark October 2003 has arrived!

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Featured in the October issue:
  • George Noory's Editorial: The Future is Here!
  • Buried Alive: True accounts of premature burial.
  • Werewolves and Vampires: Proof they exist?
  • Psychic Vampires: Is someone stealing your life force?
  • Strange Rain: Stories of flesh and blood rain.
Click here to read an excerpt from Lex's monthly column Oddities.

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Alien Implants

Dr. Leir is a California surgeon who has removed what may be actual alien implants...cont.

No More Ice

NASA study predicts the Arctic Ocean will lose all perennial ice by end of century...cont.

Weekend Recap

Saturday's guest, Dr. Ronald Klatz (website), shared info on advancements to reverse the human aging process...cont.

Friday Recap

During the first two hours of Friday's show Sean David Morton (website) recapped some of his predictions...cont.

UFO Footage FAKE!

It took the collective power of the C2C army, but we're now 100% sure the UFO footage we recently published on the site is FAKE...cont.

The Invisible Letter

A very touching letter George read on air Thursday...cont.

Lex on Vacation

Webmaster Lex is taking the week off. Filling in for him is Shawn, Lex's evil twin, whom you can write to here or at the regular webmaster address.


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Sun 10.05 >>
First Hour:
Dr. Roger Leir ( will be discussing his knowledge and exposure to alien implants in human beings. His compelling and intriguing work takes a very serious look at the scientific and medical aspects of the alien abduction phenomena.

Main guests Richard Hoagland (website) and Mike Heiser (website) will be discussing the upcoming conference, "God, Man, & ET" to be held at the University of Wisconsin in October 2003.
Mon 10.06 >>
Neil Slade
-Brain Activation-
Tue 10.07 >>
Hugh Ross
-Origins Research-
Wed 10.08 >>
Debbie Ford
Thu 10.09 >>
Phillip H. Krapf
-Alien Contact-
Fri 10.10 >>
Open Lines

Hot Stories for Fri., Oct. 3, 2003

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