Big Foot Images


Mike writes:

I have a friend that is a part time taxidermist. He sends me pictures of various mounts he does for friends and family. The latest mount might be of interest to you. Usually he includes a long letter explaining who and how killed etc. But this photo had one sentence attached.. "I can't comment cuz I ain't sure if this is legal, being paid PHAT AND LARGE!" Just skinned and smells like hell!! LOL"


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Emmons Home ( sends us:

I hope this what you were talking about. Thank you for letting me being on the show last night. I did the best I can on the art. I not that good. well, this bigfoot was about 8'5 and Iam 5'10. his feet was 17. The hands are 3x my size. eyes was green/brown. Nails were black/brown. Hair was dark brown. He was not old looking but to hour age about 35/38 old. He had some little scars here and there. The lips was like old man or monkey like. He did look like he was going to fall asleep, by he eyes looked. When he was gone I saw foot prints go west by the I was facing him. His feet was like hobbits and the hands too. Skin was like sun tan, his smell was like lake but not as, it was noting I had smelled.


Paul Smith ( sends us:

My friend, a Bigfoot researcher, strongly urged that I send these to you, but at first I decided not to as your web site indicated photographs, not artwork. After further consideration, as long as I make certain you understand that these are NOT photographs, but illustrations that I have done, and not an attempt to hoax anyone, I thought it was cool to send them to you. I thought you might enjoy these images.

These are professional illustrations of the Sasquatch, my own work, done from scratch. The only thing that I down loaded was a scan of the Hoh Rain Forest that I took myself. I scanned the photo, and digitally painted the Bigfoot into it. The other one, entitled "Sasquatch: Americas Great Ape", was executed entirely from scratch.

The phenomena of Sasquatch/Bigfoot gets excellent exposure on your program. I don't really warm up to a lot of the issues that your program airs, but I certainly pay attention when you have a program dedicated to the Bigfoot.


Rob Foster ( writes: This picture was taken by my now deceased uncle, on a hiking trip somewhere in Oregon around 1978 or 79. I was just a kid when he gave me a print of the photo. I recently rediscovered it among some old boxed items in a closet. I remember he said their horses were spooked by something and when he swung around, this thing was there, gritting its teeth and reaching out. He swears it was not a bear--he had spent most of his life in Oregon country and had seen bears before. He was convinced it was Bigfoot. As you can see, the photos (one is a close-up of the thing's face) have been scanned as is--all the signs of wear and tear were left intact.


Nathan Wiley ( writes: I live on Prince Edward Island, a small island on the east coast of Canada. Growing up in the small town, me and several friends have been making out own movies for a few years. Well, for one of these movies, we needed a shot of our buddy running out of a woods (has was supposed to be being chased by bad guys) we trudged out to the middle of nowhere (easy to do where I live) and shot this scene out in the deep woods. While our friend runs out of the woods, something runs across the screen behind him and we have no idea what it was. All I know is, it looks huge, black and furry and seems to start out running on all fours and then proceed at the end to get up on it's back legs and run. There aren't any bears on the island either so we have no idea what is it. We told the local media and they didn't take us seriously, so we're kind of keeping it to ourselves and agreed to show you guys and find out what you think...

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Joseph Heinan ( sends us this photo and story from Frank Hansen who writes: I live in luxembourg (small country in europe). August 8th, 2001 about 3.00Pm, the sun was shining and there were only a few clouds on the sky. I decided to go out for a walk, so I took my car and drove to a big forest (in schouweiler). There are no streets near the forest, so i walked about 1km to reach it. I started to film the nature. After an hour I was deep inside the forest so I decided to go home. But suddenly I heard a little noise. I turned around, but I didn't see anything. A few secs later I heard a sound of breaking branches, I looked around and I saw a dark figure standing a few meters behind me. It was about 2m tall, dark haired and very big. I tried to film it, but it disappeared quickly, I couldnt follow anymore. After an hour I was at home again and I still could'nt believe what I saw there. My cam is a digital Sony so I made 3 small mpeg file and one picture which I send you. You can show it on your page or send it to an other person, I hope someone can explain this to me, I swear that it's not fake, nothing is manipulated in the film.

Additionally we received an email directly from Frank Hansen ( who writes: 10th august 2001 at about 3.00pm. The weather was quite good, only a few clouds on the sky, no rain and the sun was shining. My cam is a Sony digital handycam with a picture-function. All happened in Luxembourg (in Schouweiler), a very small country in Europe.

What happened: I decided to go out for a walk, I drove to a big forest (in Schouweiler). There are no streets or noise near the forest, I had to walk 1km to reach the forest. I took my cam with because I wanted to film the nature in that great weather. I started to film, then i made a few picshots with my cam. After some time i decided to go home because I was really deep in that forest. My cam was turned off so I wasn't ready to film. First I heard the noise of breaking branches, I looked around but I didnt see anything. Then suddenly I saw it. First it was a moving shadow in the distance, it looked like another person walking around, I approached carefully. It was about 2m big, very huge, dark haired (I think it was black or very darkbrown). It didn't make any noise and there was no particular smell.

I only saw his back side, I couldnt see his face clearly. It was moving saway from me, not running but still fast with great steps. I felt like paralysed, unable to move or to think clearly. My cam was turned off and still on picture mode, I quickly turned it on and made that snap ( look at the picture). After that snap I think another minute passed, 'it' was nearly disappeared in the far forest. I switched my cam to film-mode and tried to film it. I started to film 3 times because I needed to stop several times to follow it. The whole thing is filmed with a far zoom. Because of that zoom its not filmed very straight, I tried to walk while filming and I didnt look through my cam because I prefered to watch that creature with my own eyes. After the third time I filmed it, I couldnt follow anymore, too much trees, I couldnt see it anymore. I tried to find any foodprints but the ground was too dry. I only have that one snapshot and 3 short video sections.