Shadow People Contributions


Steve Marks ( sends us:

I have made this animation to hopefully depict to others the experience that I had meeting a shadow person. I saw him kind of fade in from out of the corner of my eye, and when I turned my head, he vanished into the corner of the room. I rendered the scene in Flash 5, and it is a pretty small movie.

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Tom Schlosser ( Says: I'm trying to determine if what I saw, is GOOD or BAD. If Bad, this level of artwork may help others to recognize and avoid it. It is a group of them. writes: I have seen shadow people since I was a very young child. When I found your page, chills ran down my spine. I didn't know that anyone else saw them too. A couple of the drawings at your website looked almost identical to the figure who had stood over my bed on several occasions and frightened me for so long. I have attached my personal interpretation of the visual aspects of the strange being. Some cannot be duplicated. For instance, instead of casting any kind of glow, the figure was visible in a completely black room because it was darker than black. Also, though similar to a shadow, the figure was three-dimensional.


Ted Bastien sends us:


No. 37 - R.J. D writes: This is the kind of shadow person i saw. I was in a semi-sleep state and my eyes must have been open because i saw the room as it actually was, i was sleeping on a couch and my brother was sleeping on an adjascent couch. It seemed as if the shadow person was choking my brother because their was a very evil gurgaling sound and the thing stood about 10 feet tall. between my brother, the shadow person and me their was three white beings that seemed somewhat female that in someway protected me from the thing. i talked to my brother that morning and he said he slept fine but the experience was as real as real life.


No. 36 - writes: My shadow person wasn't kind. All I know is after I seen it, Ifelt crazy. I know I walked it lurch to my bed, because it didn't walk... just moved in a very odd way, like it was cripple or something. I don't know...The last thing I remember during the experience was it crawling onto my bed and starting to reach for me. I was curled up into the corner and just shut my eyes and then felt something icy cold just touch my chest...and then i don't know what happened...i think i just fell asleep again...or blacked out.


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