Alien Images/Photos


Kevin Alexander ( sends us:

I just wanted to send you this image I got from a trusted long time friend of mine saying that he got it from a friend of his father's in New Mexico. What do you think of it?


Use Your Computer from Your Recliner or Bed! See the Easychair Workstation!

[IMAGE] Alan Lewis writes: I have been a faithful listener for years and never thought that I would have any content for your show. Recently, my Father passed away and while I always thought that he worked in the "Black Ops Arena", I never thought that he had anything to do with aliens. Certainly, he never mentioned it. While cleaning out his house, I ran across the attached photo. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the "container", there is an Area 51 badge. I can't provide any proof that this is a genuine photo, however, the original didn't look faked to me.


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