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Cliff writes:

This is my latest bit of artwork/strange expression. As you might be able to see (with plenty of wild imagination) its a turkey of sorts. Yes that is an eyeball instead of a belly and fingers instead of tail feathers, and oh yeah.... thumbs for a head and beak. I like to call it Turkey Fingers for Dinner. Hope it gives you all as much of a grin as it gave me making it.

Has Planet X been spotted? Is Nibiru inhabited and inbound?

Tim Ferrill sends us:

Bruce Touzel ( sends us:

Frank KR6AL sends us:

Leroy Riffel sends us:

I took this around 7PM tonight as it rose in the western sky over Long Beach, CA. Looks like another launch from Vandenberg.

Freakish Spleen ( writes:

My uncle sent this photo a little while ago. Apperently, it was found washed up on the shore in New Minus, Nova Scotia. It seems to be pretty large, with the man in the background for reference. writes:

I was listening to Rosemary Ellen Guiley and George Noory last night, when I experianced a blinding light, then I awoke 2 minutes later, with no idea where the time went. I checked my web cam that takes snapshots every 30 seconds. When I looked at the files for the time I was out, I found this capture! Whoa!

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