Thank you for your interest in advertising on the Art Bell Radio Program Web Page. The page has been active for over 7 years. The program covers over 500 radio stations. With continued promotion on the air, the radio program brings lots of listeners to our WWW site.

We keep the site well maintained and as up to date as possible. We are committed to providing the best possible information regarding the program and the topics presented. Many times information is added as soon as it is given out on the radio program.

Because of the diverse nature of topics on the show, we have a variety of information on many topics, that many WWW search programs will point to, even when the Internet surfer hasn't learned about our show. So many of the visitors to the Art Bell page include non-listeners as well as the hundreds and thousands of loyal listeners.

New Unique Advertising Methods

We offer many opportunities to advertise on the Art Bell website. Of course we offer top of the page banners like most sites do, and we will continue to offer that placement. However we also offer additional, more interesting and unique methods for advertising your product and supporting your business for monthly rates as low as $200/month.

First of all, we can provide links of course to your website. But even more effective, we can prepare a page on our site, that gives the website visitor a taste of your product from OUR viewpoint. Of course we'd have to sample, test and evaluate your product, but if we like it, we can produce our evaluation, review and/or endorsement of your product right within our pages. Then we can link over to your site for purchase.

Use Your Computer from Your Recliner or Bed! See the Easychair Workstation!

MId Page Text Teasers

These little teasers are inserted mid-page on our many pages, and are a special one-line text link to your site or to your product information page on our site? See sample above.

Menu Bar Button

This is a small graphic image placed on our left-side menu bar, that links to your site or to your product information page on our site? See sample link on the left side yellow portion of the page. A variety of sizes are priced accordingly.

Page Bottom Box Ads

This is a medium sized graphic image placed at the bottom of each page, that links to your site or to your product information page on our site? See samples on the bottom of this page. A variety of sizes are priced accordingly.

Section Sponsorship

Does your product cater to certain areas of interest on our site? This method allows your ad to be placed in certain sections of the website. Get targeted response from your placement.

Short Term Runs

Do you have a product that is just right for a upcoming show topic? Then maybe a concentrated, high exposure ad run for 1 to 5 days is right for you.

Contact Our Advertsing Consultation Department

Please call our Art Bell website advertising specialist, Mylei Reed, in Medford, Oregon at (541) 664-8829 during business hours Pacific time. Or email

As always, we reserve the right to refuse advertising orders from anyone we feel is of questionable credibility or who is selling inappropriate material.