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[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Richard Malone writes: Taken Friday, May 12th at approx. 1945 hr., while going out to gather firewood. I just looked up, a regular habit these days, and observed a snake like pattern within the trail. I have no other words to describe this. I was facing east as I stood outside the back deck. The trail points north -- south. The whole trail was NOT in the shape of a snake, just the area I photographed. Points north and south of the snake appeared like the normal progression of chemtrails. I estimate the trail to be about 15 - 20 minutes old when photo was taken and again NO sound of craft. The trail drifted slowly to the East and the snake pattern disappeared within the rest of it's trail. The sky had a light haze, as spraying commenced in the early hours and continued through the day.


[IMAGE] [IMAGE] More interesting stills taken over Las Vegas, around 10 AM on November 10th. Photos from Arden Guy and A J Myles. (11/11/99)


[IMAGE] The strange contrail mystery continues. (9/30/99)


[IMAGE] Tic-Tac-Toe Trails (10/21/99)


[IMAGE] Happy Trails by Joe Sheppard


[IMAGE] Art Bell's Contrail in Pahrump 2/13/99


Listener Submitted Photos of Real Contrails

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