Crop Circles


NOTICE: Some of the circle formations shown here are courtesy of the Crop Circle Connector web site. The Crop Circle Connector is a separately operated web site, overseas in the UK. We are the only American web site to have access and permission to display these images. Please visit the various links below for detailed reports.

Our Circle Collection

[IMAGE] Stonehenge, Nr Amesbury


An aerial shot by Steve Alexander. Perhaps two days old when discovered 10th June, this 400 footer is in the same field South of Stonehenge as the first Julia Set (in 1996). With 194 circles, it ties last year`s Triple Julia Set for the record number.


[IMAGE]Barbury Castle

Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire. Reported Sunday 20th April 1997.


[IMAGE]Oliver's Circle

Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Formed 11th August.


[IMAGE]Chehalis, Washington

Photo taken July 24th, 1996 at 6:30 PM


[IMAGE]Laguna Canyon, California

Art Bell Exclusive! Discovered by Tom Ross on March 9th. The glyphs were 230 feet long, on a steep weed covered construction embankment, adjacent to a toll road. Here is page 1 of The Complete Report by Ed and Kris Sherwood.


[IMAGE]Rocanville, Saskatchewan

Discovered Sept 4th, 1996. Here is a complete report.


[IMAGE]Windmill Hill, Nr Yatesbury, Wiltshire

Here we have a diagram and aerial photo of this crop circle.


[IMAGE]Butte, Nebraska Circle

The scan is a little weak, but you can make it out. I think us Americans need to learn a little about crop circles. Why does the UK get all the good ones?


[IMAGE]Double Helix

This spectacular formation arrived June 17th in the famous East Field at Alton Barnes (SU 115-625) pointing at Adam's Grave to the North and Woodborough Hill to the South. It measures 648 feet long, and consists of 89 circles forming twin strands of "thought bubbles" (77 total) winding around a central backbone of 12 large circles in a line. Everyone who see it agrees that the design must represent DNA.


[IMAGE] The Stonehenge Circles

Photograph by researcher Colin Andrews, next to Stonehenge, July 7th, 1996.