Shadow People Contributions

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No. 1 - Monika Livingstone ( sends us:


No. 2 - sends us:


No. 3 - Kenny Young ( writes: I have attached a picture that I quickly drew of the shadow person I have seen. The shadow person had longer arms and legs than a normal person and was also around 4ft in height. It was hard to get an exact size of the shadow person because it ran across the street really fast.


No. 4 - Mike99 ( writes: These shadow people that i saw where sorta fuzzy on the outside, and i don't remember them moving but i do remember one of them sitting on my bed and it made a impression im my bed as i was lying on it. i was about 7 when i saw this.


Number 5:


Number 6:


Number 7:


No. 8 - Bob Leonard ( writes: This is my drawing of the shadow person if have seen many times.


No. 9 - Vicki Trout ( writes: Here is my depiction of the shadow people that visited me for a month every night. I saw them straight on. They were full of mischief, but evil. They don't visit me anymore. Thank God!


No. 10 - Buck Kineer ( sends us:


No. 11 - Thomas Neidbauer ( writes: Here is my depiction a shadow person who haunts me continually.


No. 12 - Mike Griffith ( writes: I did my best to represent "Chilliwack" a shadow person I have seen many times. I see usually see him after rain storms or bad weather.


No. 13 - Gord Grisenthwaite ( writes: I've been seeing these things for years. I have called them shadow things because I have seen shapes that are vaguely humanoid, and many more that are birdlike, some of which are quite large. I believe that I have been touched by them as well. Not at all pleasant, I must say.


No 14 - Alfonse Marquis ( writes: This is what i see and what happens... also i hear there is something in the islamic bible the kuran about these beings being brought about by lucifer and peoples negative energy or something like that.... later :)


No. 15 - Bill Smoker ( writes: Best I can do.. they are always crouching and are very tall and thin.. Move like the wind.


No. 16 - Joann Jungmann ( writes: This is a example of the man I have seen several times in my north west corner of my home high on a hill. I have figured that he is just floating through. He doesn't seem to see me. He just cuts through the room.