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NOTE: Remember folks, we don't insist any of these are real, but are posted for your enjoyment and consideration. We post what the submitter claims. We leave it up to you to decide what is real and what is phoney.

Ray in Ojai California (frw@sibacor.com) writes:

It's my understanding that Ojai Valley California has been a hub of spiritual activity since ancient times. In the 50's and 60's numerous reporting of very small crafts were hovering over the town. The crafts were small in size 8-12 feet long and would hover just 80 feet off the ground. Anyways I came across this photo in an estate auction.


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Sandi (scooter13@SNET.Net) sends us:

Art this is a photo that was taken on Nov.12th 2002, while I was on my way down to Blanding Utah on my vacation. I was taking a shot of the scenery and was completely unaware of any object in the sky. It was not until returning to Orem Utah a week later when my cousin and I were transferring the photos from the camera to a CD that we both noticed the object...We both just looked at each other at the same time and said "NO WAY!"

If you want I can send the pictures before this shot and after for comparison. We found no defects in the windshield that would have caused this type of distortion in any of the other photos. Also this is the only photo that the object appears in. If we could get your advice or thoughts on this photo or any other experts on the subject that we can send this photo to we would greatly appreciate it.


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