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A collection of photos from various sources submitted to the web page. Remember we don't suggest these are real, just worthy of your consideration.

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[IMAGE] The best Area 51 photo we have seen to date. Submitted anonymously of course! Posted: 8/18/97


[IMAGE] An Eight-Legged Lamb, from a supposed NASA cloning experiment using fertilized eggs removed from ewes, and then re-implanted afterwards. After what? We don't know. What was NASA up to? Believe it or not! Sender anonymous.


[IMAGE] An amazing aerial photo from the USGS, circa 1968, of the Groom Lake "Area 51" facility. Source: UFOMIND


[IMAGE] James E. Hartman sends us a couple photos of a Flying Disc being tested in a Wind Tunnel Experiment. It was shot in 1963.
[IMAGE] The second one looks like it's right out of Star Wars with the walkers.


[IMAGE] The Demon Seeds. If planted, will produce a meat eating plant that will over take your entire yard.


[IMAGE] An interesting cloud formation submitted by Jackie Calligan, taken in March, 1996 in Tehachapi, California. Chris Wedgwood says this is a Lenticular. These are formed by standing waves in the atmosphere, and are relatively common in mountainous areas.


[IMAGE] "Executive Veto" - It seems someone is trying to send the Minnesota State Legislature a message. Photo by Douglas Kiesling, used by permission.

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