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Jon in Orlando FL ( writes: This is a picture of the a magnetic wheel that that the man at coral castle built. I'm his biggest fan. I went there and took this picture. Everyone seems to not even notice it there and it's the main component of all his work.


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Tim Ventura ( writes: I've developed a new antigravity propulsion source in conjunction with a group of engineers on the Internet, I've attached an MPEG video clip of about 50 seconds of video taken of the Gravity-Drive during a test a few days ago. It uses the Biefeld-Brown effect for propulsion -- it is an electrokinetic drive mechanism.

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Second Video: It is a more sophisticated prototype with multiple lifting cells. Due to the increased thrust, it definitely moves around on the tethers. The only downside to this video is that it was an earlier test and has a lower production-quality.

View the SECOND MPEG Video (1.2 MEG)

Third Video: A video clip that I took of an antigravity test using some new technological breakthroughs to improve performance and allow silent operation.

View the THIRD MPEG Video (1.2 MEG)

Brian Jones ( sends us this Talking Cat video and says: "You must see this to believe it. This is just a blip of my work. This is absolutely real."

View the Windows Media Video of Talking Cat (1.3 MEG)

Shannon Mahalko, San Antonio, TX ( askes: This picture was taken in our back yard in Jan. of 2002, on an overcast day in San Antonio, TX. There was no rain, just clouds, and nothing in our backyard that we could see. We were wondering if anyone might have a suggestion as to what the yellowish area that looks like rain might be. Anyone seen anything like this before? We would welcome any feedback someone might have. Thank you.

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William Scherer ( writes: Took this a couple months ago. I specialize in aerial photography, especially famous golf courses. I tried to get closer to Area 51 but they wouldn't let me. I even asked the non-com on the radio if this was area 51... he told me he had never heard of that name and that I was 50 feet too close. Shot was taken with a 6X7 medium format camera.

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Kurt Jensen ( sends us another Blaine video: Well here it is, the video clip I've been looking for to put this whole "Blaine Levitation" issue to rest. This clip shows Blaine doing it for a guy, literally "in the street". What's funny is, in this clip he does it as it really looks without any special rigged shots and it looks like crap. Not nearly as good as mine if you ask me. :o) I look forward to your comments.

View the MPEG Video (3 MEG)

Kurt Jensen ( sends us: I spoke to you on the air and said I would send you a video of me doing the Balducci Levitation that Blaine does on the streets. Attached IS that video. Again, you must remember you are searching for an expaination for a screen shot from a TV special of Blaines in which the levitation was Exagerated and rigged for the camera ONLY. You have my guarantee as a magician that the video you'll see of me doing it IS what you really see in person. Point being, you have been worked over mentally by an inacurate representation of the levitation thanks to Blaine and the producers of his TV special who thought it would look better to fudge the illusion a bit from reality. I hope you post this on your site so others can be enlightened on this matter.

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View Another Wide Angle Video

Bill Lahr ( sends us: From "David Blaine Street Magic" shown a few years ago on ABC. Fox did a show trying to debunk it, but Blaine does things on the street, in the open, in front of strangers, just him, no props, nothing.


Gary Thorne ( shows us: I made this unit for my radios. The CC radio sets on top with a turntable to tune in those long distance stations... The pocket pc tracks my radio frequencies.. and all extra equipment hangs from the sides.... headphones, terk am ant. and my Sony 2010 for sw. This unit can be pulled from room to room. The bottom of cabinet holds my sony MD recorder for those ART Bell nights!

Overhead Photo of Ground Zero (Source Unknown)


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