Fun Fotos


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[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Dog with Death Wish! (left) Later that Day (right)


[IMAGE] Here is a picture of inside the C. Crane laboratory, where Bob is working on the next generation night vision web cam.


Wooden UFO knick-knack box. Nifty stocking stuffer for Christmas

[IMAGE] An inside shot of Peter Davenport's UFO Reporting Center. Volunteers are waiting for your call and ready to track them UFOs!


[IMAGE] The Art Bell programs go through a series of satellite uplink and downlinks and various circuits to get to your local radio station. Here is the Master Control Board, that tracks the signals of Art's show.


[IMAGE] A rare photo of Mad Man Markum, displaying his Anti-Gravity experiment. (I think he cheats!)


[IMAGE] Steve Gibbs, once a guest on the program, sent us this picture of his latest development, "Time Machine 2". (Unfortunately, Steve is stuck in the Sixties!


[IMAGE] James Bond Johnson found another photo of the Roswell crash debris, and forwarded it on to us. (Maybe this is the Smoking gun?)


[IMAGE] After the recent Anthrax letter scare Art had to deal with, Art has instituted new mail handling procedures.