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Daniel Gordon sends us: Last night I drew this caricature of Art in the studio. I hope you guys get a laugh out of it. I think Art's laugh is infectious and it makes me crack up every time I hear him lose it! This is just a small token of my appreciation for all the times Art has made me laugh and smile.

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Scott ( sends us:

This picture came from the ND State Game and Fish Dept. A guy actually caught this fish in the Missouri River.

Taliban Olympics (Source Unknown)

Codi ( writes: I have some brief background info on that video. Unable to do any further research on it at this time; I am recalling strictly from memory. However, many Fox Sports Net viewers will recall that beginning in about the fall of 2000 and airing to the early part of 2001 (On the east coast); Fox used this video as the basis for an advertisement. It centered on letting viewers know that "they" provided 'local sports' coverage on sporting news/events that viewers cared about. Not!, coverage of events such as depicted in the video. With a few of us this was a very 'high-impact' commercial. And at the time, very amusing!

Click Here for MPEG Video (2.7 MEG)

Jim from Michigan ( sent us: Art, this you have to see, after telling my children about this, my daughter Gini said "Dad, I can do this!" And here it is.

Stephen ( offers us: I don't really know the rules for elbow licking but I can do it but I have to hold my arm in place. I can almost do it without holding my arm but almost doesn't really count.

Jerry ( sends us: Is this a levitating women? Or a frozen stitch in time as she dives into the puddle?

Jeff Smathers, Molalla, Oregon ( sends us: Here is a great photo of a local artist's car that I think you will appreciate!

Peter Fisk ( writes: I recently exercised my 2nd Amendment right to repair a Canon BJ5100 printer. (When the green light won't stop flashing, the solution is on page .357 of the owner's manual.) The Ruger .45 buntline is merely included in the photo for perspective. No firearms were harmed in the filming of this printer repair job.

We recently returned from Boone Iowa to Syracuse New York after spending the week racing our cars at the International Motor Car Associations I.M.C.A Nationals.

Two years ago I spotted a large triangular craft pass over head while changing a flat tire on the Ohio turnpike on the way to the same event. My friends thought I was some kind of ufo nut and didn't speak to me for days.

Well the laugh is on them. During a rain delay at the races I decided to take a walk through the pit area while they tried to dry things out. Imagine my excitement when I looked up and saw before me a ufo! It was sitting right between two race car trailers. The funny thing was there were other people milling about and seemed not to even notice the strange craft. Was I the only one who could see it? Were they trying to tell me something by only letting me see? I took out my digi-cam and snapped a quick picture. I didn't think it would come out because if they didn't want to be seen by the people around me, the camera probley would not work either. I could not believe it when I pushed the button and saw the picture was in the cams memory.

Then I saw him. The occupant of the craft was sitting inside the vehicle. I thought this was a once in a lifetime chance and ran towards the craft. I ran up to him and he looked at me kind of twisting his head to one side like he was trying to communicate with me. I could not see his face. He was wearing a globe shaped device over his head with a smoke covered shield over an opening in the front. His body was covered from neck to ankle in some type of strange one piece puffy outfit. It was covered with strange little patches with writing of some kind on them.. His hands were in some kind of gloves and his feet were covered by some type of soft looking shoes. I asked him if he understood English and he shook his head yes! I asked him why he was here and he stated "To go fast". His voice was muffled and I could not see any lips, he may have been talking right into my mind. I asked him what star system he came from and he said "Getouttahere". I have never heard of that system, maybe he just has a different name for it than we do.

At this point a crowed had gathered around me and were calling me names asking me if I was off my rocker. I told them everything was fine the alien was only visible to me. But I told them I had a picture and soon the whole world would also know what I know.

At this point the alien started the craft and took off in a high speed cloud of smoke. The noise was defining. After he was gone I stood there for a moment in a state of peaceful grace. I knew full well I had been chosen to be the one to witness this while those around me were blind to the whole thing. I don't know why, I just new I was.

After a while the people around me started tossing mud at me and calling me names. I made a retreat back to my campsite in the parking lot and they kept yelling "getouttahere". Hmmm, strange, maybe they did here something after all.

Any way Art, I think you can tell by the picture that this is a true ufo. I think the markings make this clear.

Thanks, Martie Sweeney

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