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Nik Stamps ( sends us:

Hi Art, My name is Nik and I am 19. I wanted to say I love your radio show! I have been searching for a show like yours for years, being a teen growing up in this world is hard and I have always felt like I am not getting the full picture of what the world is really about from the main media. I came across your show a week or so after 9-11 and have been listening all the time, and I feel I'm getting a much better understanding of the world. I've also hooked all my friends on you too.

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I make films and go to film school, well last night I was so intrigued by what your guest told us about quartz crystals, I have a few quartzs and so I started to play with them. I got out an old electric can opener with a knife shaping stone on the back of it. I broke off the cover over the grinding stone and put the crystal to the gray stone and bam! Lights started to flicker in the stone. I started to shoot video and I got a lot of good shots on my Sony 3 CCD digital video camera. I edited all the footage into a 1:48 real video clip. I hope this is OK to send you.

Well I hope you enjoy the crystal video footage, I'm sure your fans without quartz around and those who would be shocked at the idea of placing quartz on a grinding stone will enjoy the clip.

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