Joe Montani ( Writes: Attached is a photo I took of a strange aircraft laying down the odd contrail over Tucson on Friday, Feb. 22, 2002 for over 3 1/2 hours. This plane was the only plane leaving a contrail that day; the day was too dry, and hot, and we had high-pressure, so it is a mystery why a contrail was formed. The jet was HIGH, maybe 40,000 feet or more.

A pod, or nacelle, is clearly seen to have been added on the plane to the fuselage near the nose, on the starboard side. That pod released a FIFTH trail, above the level of the wings, rearward; the engines left the usual 4 trails. The same plane made repeated passes over Tucson and a point about half-way to Phoenix, for a period of over 3 1/2 hours!, the same ground-track, all the while laying down the same dense white persistent trails, which had strange coherence and straightness and cohesiveness, unlike ANY trails I have ever seen or photographed in some 40 years as a photographer of aircraft and sky phenomena.


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Sands Bellizzi ( sends us: Well, I tried hard to get the full impact of what was happening in the sky to the direct west of us here in Grass Valley, No. California, Jan. 13th. I am submitting one of the photos I took, but frankly it was hard to find a spot on our property with unlimited panoramic ability on my digital camera to do it justice! We were definitely getting blasted with something. Certainly wish someone would come up with the answer to this one. We have had bad, bad flu bug in this area and lots of chemtrail activitiy lately.


Jim Hopper ( send us: This is a photo taken from my home in Apache Junction, AZ. It looks west towards Phoenix and Sky Harbor Airport (25 miles west). I thought it was a nice sunset contrail picture if you would like to add it to your collection?


Rick Kruer ( sends us: Recently I walked out of my house and noticed a HEAVY petroleum odor in the air. I looked up into the sky and could not believe my eyes. The CHEMTRAIL guys were operating in full force. Multiple trails hovered directly overhead. No planes were in sight, but there was no denying that these trails were something out of the ordinary. Attached are some photos, feel free to post them on your web site if you wish.


John Martineau ( writes: I took this photo in the morning of 11-2-01 in Cedar City, Utah. I have never seen so many trails in this area, the trails were in the sky for about 4 hours.


Patrick Vickers ( writes: This was taken on December 2, 1999. They were taken in the vicinity of Kennesaw, GA, about 20 miles northwest of Atlanta. This shows a contrail and then a closeup of the same trail.

Carol Cain ( writes: My husband was in Portland Oregon and I was driving south on Interstate 5 from Seattle, Monday August 27th around 4 pm. As I was approaching mile marker 92 I noticed many wide contrails to the east of the freeway. I called my husband at his office in Tigard Oregon, a suburb of Portland and told him and he said he could see them there. As we were talking a commercial jet made a trail along side of the others. You will note in the pictures the narrow contrail from the commercial jet versus the other contrails. Art, these contrails did not dissipate my whole trip. It took me 2 hours to get to Tigard from the point of where I first saw them.

Jerry Crist, Sunset, Waller, Texas sends us this beautiful contrail image:

Gary Brown ( suggests Tic-Tac-Toe anyone??

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