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NOTE: Remember folks, we don't insist any of these are real, but are posted for your enjoyment and consideration. We post what the submitter claims. We leave it up to you to decide what is real and what is phoney.

Zell writes: My boyfriend was showing me some of his old photos on his computer when he came across this one. It's a photo of him sitting down at his computer. His roommate Pat was taking the picture so there was nobody else in the house but if you look to the right of the photo there is definitely a dark faint image of a person walking to the right! Although, if you look closely, you can tell that it's not a solid person, especially if you follow the arm down to the elbow where it should show up as a dark outline in the light of the kitchen. After close examination, to me it looks like he's holding a pointing gun in his right hand. This photo was taken in a fairly new, modular home in Poncha Springs, Colorado several years ago. I guess this home, along with others, were built over the original Old Town of Poncha Springs that burned down years ago. Interesting, isn't it?


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Nicole Belt ( writes: A few days ago winter finally hit and it hit hard. I wanted to take pictures of the ice becuase it was beautiful. I grab my digital camera and head outside to take some pictures. When I got done I came back inside and put them on the computer. I noticed that there was a big white blob in the middle of the picture. It looked like sleet, but as I looked closer I saw what looked like a face.


John Simpkins ( sends us: I took the attached photo on Saturday, January 26, 2002. The photo was taken at a fireworks shoot for the Ohio Pyrotecnics Arts Guild in Waverly, Ohio. The photo is of a pyrotecnition igniting a fireworks shell. The photo was taken at the instant that the shell was exiting the mortar tube. At the right side of the muzzle flash, there is an area of smoke that looks like the Devils head. Very similar to the Devils head which appeared in the smoke at the Twin Towers disaster on 9-11.


Joe Torres ( writes: We hunt ghosts in Southern New Jersey and took this photo with a 35 MM Olympus (we have the print and the negative.) Until last weeks show on Mothman, we called it "creature" for lack of a better name. Is this Mothman? Is this what people in South Jersey label the "Jersey Devil?" Is it one in the same? Time will tell. P.S.: In the background is our car, but that guy above the headstone...well, that's another story!

We have many photos posted on our website, evps and video clips too. We're not looking to plug the site, I only mention our website so you may witness our integrity and the serious approach we take to the Paranormal.


Tim Kruskamp ( writes: Photo-1 was taken in July of 1998. My girlfriend (at the time) and I had been seeing each other for about 2 weeks and this was the first photo ever taken of us at a party. It's an outside photo taken at night. You can see an odd smokey looking face above my head and actually in front of my hat. After this photo was taken we had months of poltergeist-like activities in her apartment which was located across the street from the Pioneer Cemetary in Lebanon, Ohio. Things such as: missing and reappearing clothes and other objects, voices, footsteps, a disappearing Bible, toys, such as a silly slammer that must be hit to be activated, were going off all by themselves, terrible nightmares, and even a phone conversation that, at every mention of the ghost, the phone would completely static out so we couldn't hear each other. Eventually it ceased but never completely went away. She and I are no longer together and that's why the face is blurred in the photo... I didn't ask her permission to submit this but I am in possesion of the original photo.


Photo-2 (Aug 98) was taken in her bedroom while she was at work one evening. I was there alone and heard a voice in the hall that sounded like a TV being on or the answering machine. I went to check it out and found nothing. There was such a sense of evil after that incident that I went and got my camera and took this photo. The room was completely dark when I took it so I used the flash. I was facing the doorway which we both felt was an area of activity. It sounds strange, I know, but I felt there was something there when I took the photo.


Denice Krueger ( wrote: I raise and train German Shepherd dogs. One November 12, 2000, I went to Aldergrove, BC, Canada to visit a friend who had some puppies she wanted me to see. We took pictures of a few dogs with different people, a total of two rolls of film. I was thinking about buying the puppy in the picture and so we decided to take some pictures of me with that puppy. Later, when I got the pictures developed I just glanced at them and then put them away because I had decided not to buy that dog. Most of the pictures were of other people with other dogs. My son had also looked at the pictures when he picked them up for me. Neither of us noticed anything at all unusual about them. At the end of December 2000, we went back up to the same friend's house in Canada. I decided to take the pictures along to give them to my friend so she could give the pictures to the new owner of the puppy. I had no use for them. At the last minute, I decided to look through them one last time for some reason. That's when I noticed that four of the pictures out of two rolls had this white light. The pictures were not right next to each other on the negatives. There were pictures in between that did not have this light in them. Here are two of the pictures. I had the pictures and the negatives examined by a film expert who used to work in film analysis for the government. He had no explanation for what the light could be. He said that a hair would be refractive and that you would not be able to see through it like you can this light. In the first picture, the dog and I are looking up for some reason. I have no memory of anything strange while we were taking the pictures. Any ideas?


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