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Dane (nochay@earthlink.net) sends us:

Your Alien Tracker Is Back. I Have Found A Image, Taken In 1940-1945, Of A Alien Crash In Russia. I Don't Know If It's Fake, But Interesting Anyway.


Alien contact project revealed by Art Bell guest. Read book online.

Jeff Adkins (jeffrey432145601@yahoo.com) sends us:

Art, I am sending this photo that I took of the storm that went through southern Ohio today. After looking at the picture I noticed something odd. UFO maybe?


A listener sends us this video of the UFO in New York that was posted on the Sci-Fi channel website over a year ago. We covered this last year, but since then, the video was removed from the Sci-Fi site. We now have this copy of which shows the video being discussed by a TV program.

View MPG Video (5 MEG)

Here is the original Sci-Fi video also with audio.

View Quicktime MOV Video (2.5 MEG)

Carl Lynch (carl6405@yahoo.com) writes:

I am submitting to you a clip of an object I video taped flying west over Highway 360. The craft was approximately 5000 ft in altitude. Our location was in the southwestern most part of Chesterfield Co. Virginia.

Me and my girlfriend were coming back from my brothers house that lives in Mosely, Va. on highway 360 in the east bound lane. I spotted a cluster of lights coming towards us. The thing about it that made me pull over and watch this craft was the large red strobing light that was underneath the cluster of lights. Fortunately I had the video camera with us. We have come accustomed to taking the camera along, because we regularly spot unknown light phenomena in this area. The craft flew right over our position which enabled me to get good video of this craft. The craft must have been some type of transparent craft, because when it fly’s underneath a star, you can still see the star! I have it all on tape.

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Here are two Shuttle Mission videos, showing various UFOs passing by --

Arnold Barry (arnoldb@iserv.net) send us this recent Shuttle Video of Near Miss (700K MPEG)

Randy (mcren@sbcglabal.net) send us this older STS48 Shuttle Video (4 MEG MPEG)

Jaymes Davisson (tuxedodiva@hotmail.com) says: [This] is a UFO in first crash, then skips like a rock on water, then trys again to gain altitude and fails, then makes its final crash ....

We say: Where did this come from, anyone seen this? Is it ours? Is it from space? What website is it from? The sender does NOT provide any source for this video. We will credit the source when we find it.

View MPG Video (900K)

Toby Sheets (tobyrock@swbell.net) suggests: I was just looking at the Neil Slade photo you put up on Art's site recently (see below) and I was amazed at the resemblance to the famous X-Files "I Want to Believe" poster on Mulder's filing cabinet. I happen to have that poster on my wall in my office so I snapped a photo of it for you.

Take a look at it side by side with Neil Slade photo and see if it doesn't look nearly identical except for a few minor details. It almost appears to be the same UFO at the same location but at a slightly different angle. The reflection of sunlight is a little different in both images, and the Neil Slade image appears to have 3 visible protrusions on the underside of the craft where the X-Files image has only one. Of course this could be attributed to the spinning motion the craft is most likely experiencing.

Looking at the terrain in the background of the image you can clearly see the same angles in the hills and even the same trees sticking up from roughly the same locations on the hills to the right.

I sent a Photoshop comparison of the two images side by side for you to check out.

Click to Enlarge


Neil Slade writes: My long time friend Henry Rowland of Denver heard me discussing the UFO encounters of Stan Romanek and brought to my attention a photograph which he had in his possession for over twenty five years. Henry was doing landscape work for a client in California in the 1970's, and when the client finished paying him for the work he asked Henry, "Do you want to see a picture my brother took last week?"

The client returned with this astonishing and detailed picture of a UFO and explained, "My brother went fishing last week, and while on the trip he suddenly saw this craft disappear behind a hill. He frantically ran to his car to get his camera, and in the nick of time held it up the split second when the thing reappeared again from behind the hill and shot off into the sky." Henry asked to make a contact print of the original photo, and the image below is this original one-off print.

A couple of years later Henry saw the photo appear in the very first edition of Omni magazine- but mysteriously, any explanation, or caption was left out, as it was an article skeptical of UFO encounters. Henry has noted that the craft looks exactly like the UFO appearing in the very famous George Adamski photograph of decades earlier. A careful examination shows absolutely no trace of retouching and this photo was taken long before digital photo editing was even invented (I have made this scan from the original myself-N.S.), No wires or threads suspending any kind of model are at all visible. The colors are slightly faded from natural aging of the ink dyes in the print, and the edges of the photo are visible to illustrate the originality of this print (my copyright has been digitally imposed on the jpg here).


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