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Ghosthunter@consultant.com sends us:

These are some photos taken on a recent initial scouting trip of site that was reported to our group. Of 13 photos taken in approximately 30-35 minutes, 6 had anamalous images in them (i.e.orbs). What makes these photos unique is that these are daylight orbs and are not naturally explainable. I am also including a negative or reverse image so that you can see the objects better. Thanks and I hope you enjoy them.

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Chris & Estelle in Philadelphia (Skeye33@aol.com) sends us: My boyfriend and I were just having fun with the camera tonight... and when we looked at our pictures... we saw next to us at the base of the stairs was a big blue ORB... we freaked out... the real deal...

Angela Geis (AGeis10@aol.com) sends us: I have taken over 1,000 photographs at The Whaley House. Some of which have been aired on one of the Discovery Channels very recently. I was working there as a volunteer docent a few months back. Each time I was there, I would took as many pictures as I could. The more I took the more intence they got. At that time a few changes were taking place. One of them was that they started doing a night tour which was teamed up with a Trolly Grave Yard Tour that would end there tour at the Whaley House. I was very fortunate to be in the house at night. I don't think anyone had been inside the house after 4:30pm or 5:00pm for the past decade, with exception of the Halloween Tours. It was a great privlidge to be in the house at night. There was only the head docent and myself that would be there for the Trolly Tours. Luckily there was a 1/2 hour to 45 min. break in between the first and second tour. That gave me just enough time to take pictures.

Angela Geis (AGeis10@aol.com) continues:

Sometimes I would just wait untill after the tours. The head docent was just as amazed at the results I was getting as I was. When everyone was gone, I would have him turn off all the lights. Then I would go upstairs, usually by myself, and start taking pictures. I was using a digital camera with an LCD screen, so I could see the picture right after I took it, and know if I was getting anything instantly. There is so much to tell about things I experienced inside and outside of that house. I felt like it was my home away from home. I must have been there 3 or 4 nights out of the week untill sometimes 11:00pm.

I noticed your orb photo's. They are great!!! I myself have been taking pictures containing these mysterious energy balls of light for a few years now. I can't say my curiosity and love for getting these pictures is any less than when I saw my first picture with these orbs in them.

I loved it though. I usually used an Olympus digital camera. I could see if there was something there right away by looking at the LCD screen. Normally, I was in the upstairs part of the house, at night, in the dark, taking my pictures.The head docent was just as amazed and baffled at the photo's as I was, so he would let me stay inside and do this after the house was closed. This went on for months. Before I knew it, Tom Quinn from Burrud Productions, affiliated with the Discovery channels was coming down to do a documentory for the Travel Channel. They interviewed the other docent and I, and incorporated my pictures into the show.

Angela Geis (AGeis10@aol.com) continues:

I personally think they are incredible evidence of the spirit world. I do this as a hobby, it is not my life. I was a volunteer docent at the Whaley House in San Diego. I took several unbelievable pictures, which discovery channel found interesting enough to do a show on. The reason I am being persistant about getting through to you, is because I really feel that my pictures are important for people to see. I want to share them with anyone and everyone who shares the same interest, or curiosity as I do.

This picture is titled intence energy.

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