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Don Norrell ( sends us: My vehicle was recently struck by an object that I believe to be part of a broken up satillite. The object(s) in question consisted of some type of lightweight metallic substance and a fiber type wiring harness that I believe to be asbestos. I am wondering if any of your listening audience has said anything to you about anything of this such. I am sending you photos of this stuff.

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NASA and I have been e-mailing each other on and off for several weeks now and they want me to send them the objects. If I do this then one of two things will happen, they could admit that we(they) have a bigger problem with space junk than they know or I will never hear from them again. The material was examined by Auburn University astronomy department and they seem to think that it is infact from a broken up satellite. If you know of anyone who can be neutral in their opinion and take a look at this for me would you please let me know.

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