Submission Requirements


The Art Bell web site accepts contributions from anyone wanting to submit material for display. Here are a few guidelines for submissions.

1. If you want to submit a home page graphic, it must be a JPEG and should be a width of 480 pixels or less.

2. If you submit photos for our gallery, be sure to send them in the JPEG format. I can re-size them if needed. I don't like BMP files, as they are very large and take up lots of mailbox space. Don't send ZIP files, they don't display in an E-Mail preview window, please send the real Jpeg file.

3. Submit your material for the website to if you want the webmaster to see it and consider it for posting on the site. Just sending your material to Art Bell, will not insure that I see it. If you want Art to see it also, send it to BOTH of us. Do NOT send me messages just for Art (and ask for me to forward it), as you can email him directly at

4. Please provide a description or story to go along with your photo submission and provide any special privacy restrictions, otherwise we will post your name and email contact address with your submission. Logos for the home page are the exception. If you insist on tagging your artwork, include it on the image, but keep it small, otherwise we may not use it.

5. You MUST be the owner of the material. We cannot post material from sources that we do not have permission from. Please copy and paste the following text in your email giving us permission to post your submission. You are stating that YOU do OWN the material you are submitting.

Publishing Permission Grant

I hereby state that I am the owner of the material submitted to the web site and retain all copyrights to my work. I hereby grant Rowland Network Communications and Premiere Radio Networks who operate the web site, permission to use this material on the web site in any fashion they deem appropriate.

6. If you have any additional stipulations or requirements as a condition of your submission, state them within the email.

7. Any material that does not fit within these parameters may not be used on our site.

Thank you for your submission and we'll try to post ASAP, but remember, we receive hundreds of e-mails a day and it may take days, weeks, or months before we can post it.