Mail Server Notes


Are you having problems getting e-mail to the webmasters? Read on....

The mail server used for and for all of its clients has some spam reducing techniques built-in such that some of you may have problems sending email to the webmaster or editors of this site. If you are getting bounced email messages stating that your e-mail message has been rejected and that the error stated is something like: "450 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname" then your ISP doesn't have their mail sender DNS configured properly.

One of the techniques to reduce SPAM coming into our system, is to have our mail software check to see if the incoming mail is coming from a properly established mail server. Many spammers use improperly configured servers to send unsolicited commercial email. Generally a properly configured mail server being used by an ISP will have the DNS entries for the mail server properly setup. A spammer uses improperly setup servers on the Internet to send spam. Our mail software simply checks the DNS information of the server attempting to send us email, to see if the server is properly setup in the domain information of the DNS system. If it doesn't check out, the email is rejected.

Specifically our "postfix" software does a "reverse lookup" on the IP number of the server contacting us and then does a "forward lookup" of the name of the server to see if they match. If not the message is rejected. This technique greatly reduces the amount of spam we receive in our email boxes. Unfortunately some legitimate ISP mail servers are not setup properly in the ISP's DNS server so their email is rejected also. They need to have the "reverse DNS" of their mail server match the "forward lookup" of the same mail server.

If you have email rejected by our servers you should send your ISP's technical support department the URL of this page, so they can understand why your email won't go through and they can setup their DNS information properly. If your ISP would like to contact us they will have to FAX me at (480) 835-2243 since they won't be able to email us either as their mail system is not setup properly. THIS IS NOT ART BELL's FAX NUMBER, THIS WILL NOT BE SEEN BY ART. DO NOT SEND ME MATERIAL FOR ART, IT WILL BE TRASHED. THIS IS ONLY FOR REPORTS FROM ISPs WHO NEED TO BE CONTACTED.

We are sorry for this inconvienence, but we are forced to used these techniques to limit the amount of garbage email we receive. Since our email addresses are posted on our website pages, we get our email addresses placed in spammers databases.

You may be able to contact us through another email provider like Yahoo or Hotmail, as they have their servers configured properly. Let your ISP know that you don't appreciate spam, and that you do support anti-spamming techniques, but they need to properly configure their own system to conform to internet standards.