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Concerning the real and hoaxed predictions claimed by proponents of Nostradamus, a listener sends us:

Here's the video still of the image Art wanted to get of the New York skyline during the storm over the area on September 13th.

Mark ( sends us another devil in the smoke pic.... ?

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Chuck Hodge ( sent us:

Credit: FEMA Worker John (Last Name Unknown)

Richard C. Hoagland sends us: An album cover by a group called "Coup." It was published on the Web on July 19th, 2001. It looks EXACTLY like both impacts! This cover was eventually pulled by the record labal and revised.

Matt Masi ( send us: This was taken from CNN's website depicting the impact explosion of the 767 into the second World Trade Center tower. It has been unaltered aside from my side by side outline of the "devil" seen in the smoke. What do you think?

Ed Dames sends us: The command and control center for the September 11th attack on the U.S. is located in an underground bunker complex, beneath -- and accessible through -- Ahmad Shah Durrani's Tomb, in Kandahar, Afganistan. This information was passed, via Matrix Intelligence Agency ( channels, to the United States Special Operations Command, McDill AFB, Flordia.

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Carmen Taylor of Lavaca, AR took these photos of the second airlliner striking the World Trade Center.

A NYC listener sends us: I took these photos in front of my apartment on East Grand Street, on the Lower East Side. The shots are looking down East Broadway towards the financial district. My wife and I heard all of the blasts or explosions but did not visually witness anything.

Ray Parker sends us: The first image is a previous photo showing downtown Manhattan as it was, the next three show the original fire, Manhattan covered by smoke and ash, and finally the new skyline.

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Steve Riskus sends us: I saw the plane crash into the pentagon about 100ft in front of me. Debri landed on my car.

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M. Alexander sends us: