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Janice Stephenson ( sends us: I am including some shots that I took back in April of this year of a restaurant that is known to be haunted. I was outside at about 3 am, taking pictures and not having much luck, when I decided to ask the spirits out loud if they would give me a group photo. These shots were the immediate result. They were taken about 15 seconds apart. These particular spirits may have come from across the street, because there is a cemetery located there. More info in our Feedback section.

Chad Zibbel ( sends us:

My girlfriend and I are avid listeners of your show. She took this picture in Sedona Arizona. When she got her pictures developed we noticed that this one contained something that wasn't there when she first took the shot. We thought you maybe interested in this.


Classified alien contact project revealed by Art Bell guest. Amazing story.

Jim ( sends us:

On Sept. 30th, 2000, I noticed that a storm was brewing up outside, so I went to my back yard to put down the umbrella on my patio table so It would not be blown over or damaged. In my back yard there is a old willow tree(left side of picture) thats is dead and needs to be cut down. The storm was moving in from the West(the picture is looking East), after closing the umbrella, I walked to the eastern side of my yard next to my daughters slide/playset to view the storm comming in. I love to watch thunder and lightning storms and this one had promise of a spectacular display. This storm was unusual as the wind was gusting severly(60 to 80 mph, I later learned). As I watched the storm for a while I had an errie sense that I should check on my daughter in the house and went to do so.. Seconds after heading for the house I heard a loud cracking sound immediately followed by a trememdous crash. I probably jumped a foot in the air and when I turned around I saw that a large portion of the tree had falled and struck where I had only seconds before been standing. After regaining my composure I decided to take a picture of the damage and debri as the fallen limb had taken down my cable and phone line. I have a Kodak DC215 digital camera, not a high end model but certainly not low end as well. I took three pictures and later upon uploading them into my computer, I was in for another surprise. The right side of the picture has what looks like a myst or distortion. I can not explain it and it still gives me goose bumps to this day when I look at it. Art, I am a religious man and believe there is much more to our existence after death than we suspect. Lots of people belive in guardian angels, I think however I am one of the lucky few to have gotten a picture of mine.


Paul Wing ( sends us:

I am the founder of the Louisiana Spectral Research Center. A couple of years ago, I attended a seminar and ghost hunt with a recent guest of yours'... Katherine Ramsland. She actually got me started recording Electronic Voice Phenomena. I have [included] some of my favorite photographs and also a link to a very CLEAR ghost audio recording that I captured by accident. I have also attached a photo of the ghost of Maria LaVeau, voodoo queen of new orleans. This one was taken by my co-founder in New Orleans. The link for the audio recording is:


Wayne Turek ( sends us:

This picture was taken in July of "96" in San Mateo Memorial Park in California. My wife took the picture of our daughter and her friend Stacy while we were out camping and playing cards. When we sent the film in for development about six months later, we noticed the strange red glow around Stacy. I then went back to where the film was developed and showed them the negative, they then looked at the pictures taken before and after the photo in question.These pictures looked normal and they were at a loss to explain the strange photo.


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