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 CD-ROM writes us: I never suspected that I would be submitting photos of my own for your consideration and analysis. I must admit, I have been struggling with whether or not to release these photos on the net, given the sensitivity of the subject matter; the nature of the ongoing tragedy, and finally whether or not to reveal publicly my own personal belief systems in the face of the grim undertaking I am currently involved with. (fox_friend's entire letter and descriptions is posted in our Feedback section.)

Craig Richardson ( says: This picture scares the hell out of me.

Has Planet X been spotted? Is Nibiru inhabited and inbound?

Clifford Choi ( sends us: This is the second building collapsing... Taken from the westside highway... I could have had pictures of the first one crumbling... But we were busy running our asses off.

Steve Moran writes: I live in New York City, and today I went to take pictures of the WTC's wreckage. I shot this first picture of the rescue operation, looking south on Greenwich Street. When I got home and previewed my pictures on the computer, I noticed something in the one entitled "Down Greenwich 3" that was not in the scene when I took the photo. Upon blowing up the questionable image (the second picture), it appeared to me to look like an angel hovering over the pile of debris and the rescuers. It couldn't be a pigeon or a seagull because being behind the building on the right, it would be too large. Also, we don't have any vultures or pelicans here in NYC. From the context of the photo, it looks to be about the size of a man, and is around 60 to 100 feet above the scene. I have other photos of this scene taken from the same angle that do not contain this image. The way I intemperate the image is, it's either a guardian angel looking over the rescuers and those poor people still trapped beneath, or the Angel of Death hovering to collect the souls of the dying. I was using a Kodak DC4800 digital camera.

For those who think this is faked, please read more comments from Steve.