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Spirit Photos - Posted Sep 20, 2001

I am a photographer (I have worked in the field for 23 years) and I am sorry to say that what you have here is dust on your lens. (second and third picture)

Light and depth of field work together to distort the image and create these "floating bubbles".


The spheres that show up in night photos are caused by insects (out at night) that are closer than the camera is focusing. This is very common on outdoor night photos.

--Dave Bracken Lexington NC

This is to reassure fox-friend that yes indeed, he did capture photos of spirits in the shape of orbs in his photos of the WTC cleanup effort. I know because I ghosthunt as a hobby and have many pictures like his , showing orbs floating around. Some of mine were taken in cemeteries, and some were taken around my house, both inside and out. Since the advent of the digital camera these types of pictures have become more common. And he is right, the flash seems to make a difference as to whether you pick them up in your photos. I even went out and bought a Vivitar external flash for my camera (a Sony Mavica FD92) just to increase the range of my nighttime shots, as I like to visit cemeteries in the middle of the night. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, I'm waiting for cooler weather.( I live in Jacksonville, Fla.) Digital cameras also pick up images without the flash, as I have several strange shots that I took while vacationing in Mt. Shasta this past May. I have submitted these to Art Bell in the past, but for some reason they were not chosen to post. I am including some shots that I took back in April of this year of a restaurant that is known to be haunted. I was outside at about 3 am, taking pictures and not having much luck, when I decided to ask the spirits out loud if they would give me a group photo. These shots were the immediate result.

Photos on Ghosts Page

They were taken about 15 seconds apart. These particular spirits may have come from across the street, because there is a cemetery located there. I also have an observation to make concerning the Drudge report of the anomalous object filmed and the apparent angelic figure captured in one of the submitted photos, I believe they are one and the same. There are many reports of huge angelic beings seen at tragic sites. and also UFOs reported.I don't know of any UFO reports in conjunction with this tragedy, except for a report in my local paper of a pure white unidentified craft seen circling the area immediately after the crash in Pennsylvania. It was reported as not looking like any known type of aircraft ever seen, and it disappeared in a bright glare of light.

-- Janice

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