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Robert from Indonesia ( writes: There is one topic about Indonesian Ghost Photo on your website (Next Photo), the foto is a fake one using photoshop, the hoaxer have cropped the female ghost from this photo (this female ghost photo taken from which currently down). Please compare this foto to the one on artbell website (Indonesian ghost photo) and you will know what I meant.

By the way if you want to know what kind of ghost is this; this ghost in indonesia called "Kuntilanak", this ghost eat humans baby, especialy the newborn. And this ghost have a terrible peculiar laughter sounds like: "keekeekeekeekeekeekeekeekeek............" (this is only a folklore anyway).


Brian Crain ( sends us: This was sent to us by our friends in Indonesia. A student was hiking mountain Tanggamus, Gisting, Subdistrict Tanggamus, Lampung, South Sumatra, Indonesia when he was photographed alone. When they developed the picture this is what appear in the photo. What do you think?


Has Planet X been spotted? Is Nibiru inhabited and inbound?

Aaron Judkins ( sends us: Here is a photo that was taken of these two young people while the T.V. was playing in the background. The young man facing away from the photo had prayed the night before and asked God to give him a sign if HE was really real. The next night was when this photo was taken. Note the satanic face on the T.V. in the background with the screen being black as if it was off when the photo was taken. Pretty scary hugh! I think the answer here is that if satan is real; so is GOD. Aaron.


Scott writes: The picture was taken during a photo shoot of my band at a cemetery. (You can see a head stone on top of the hill above us.) It was taken with a digital camera so there is no chance of "exposure" problems with film. I am not sure what it is, but whatever it is was not on the screen when the picture was taken. You can see the "figure" or whatever it is in the middle of the picture just above our heads. I am not saying whether it is or is not a ghost, but it is neat.


Paul Belisle ( writes: These three photos were taken at a local cemetery. I was one of five amateur ghost hunters out on our third adventure. The first two trips yielded some interesting results... singular rope-like lights near headstones. On our third time out, I shot these three photos at interesting grave markers. There were no lights at the cold spots. Just a hunch to shoot these three pictures in succession. My breathing and heart stopped for about 10 seconds when I saw the developed products for the first time. Exactly what did I happen to find here?" writes: Just before spring we were doing a shoot in our studio for an internal piece. This photo was taken during that shoot. Notice how crisp everything else in the photo is. No light trails AT ALL on any of the surrounding lights. I really canŐt explain what the object is, but it really caused a stir around the office.


David Hogan ( sends us: I took this ghost pic at the whaley house in San Diego CA. They left the lights on and the curtains open so I took 2 photo's thru the window. The first one had nothing unusual but in the second this woman in the 1800's dress appeared. I have been ghost hunting in the San Diego area for 2 years.


Web Williams ( writes:

My family travelled to Thailand and Laos in March of this year. We had a wonderful time, and I highly recommend visiting when things calm down. My wife and her children went to Laos and I stayed in Thailand because I just didn't think Laos would be very "safe" by American standards.

They stayed in a hotel there because they didn't want to impose on family. My step-daughter said she could feel a "presence" in the old place, and that she saw something moving in her room. They took several photos in the lobby of the hotel, which was in Vientiane, and this one photo showed what has been interpreted to be a spirit. I don't believe in such, and I think it was probably light reflecting off of something.

My wife and her family are devout bhuddists, and they believe that if someone dies unexpectedly or violently, that the person's spirit will hang around waiting for someone to "help" them to the other side by prayer and/or gifts. They give the spirit gifts by burning effigies of clothes, money, and food, along with other items that may be needed by the spirit on the "other side". Supposedly, this appeases the spirit and they can then pass peacefully to the other side.

They did this "ceremony" for the ghost at the same time they held a ceremony of respect for her father and mother, and other relatives who had passed away some years back. My daughter was not bothered by the spirit any more during their stay.

Does it work? I have no idea, as I have never seen a ghost, and until I do, well, I just don't believe in such. But I thought perhaps your listeners would enjoy seeing the photo of what is, or used to be, a spirit who inhabited a hotel in Vientiane, Laos. I have two copies of the original photo and the negative, and the "spirit" is clearly visible in all.


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