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We are happy to announce the return of Classic Shows. Now rotating on a weekly basis, Streamlinkers can listen to two different shows that have fallen out of the 90-day archive. Visit the Classic Shows page to check out this week's offerings.

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Janiece B. shares this image taken of her last year, which she believes may be showing her guardian spirit. Click here to view the enlargement and her comments.

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Investigator Linda Moulton Howe of, was the guest for the full Friday show. She presented special reports on the flu outbreak, China's moon missions and the possibility of eruptions at Yellowstone.

Linda reported that the director of Epidemiology at Denver's Children Hospital said the current Fujian flu outbreak was the most severe he had seen in the last thirty years. She doesn't, however, believe this virulent epidemic is the result of any kind of bio terrorism, but rather it is part of a natural cycle...cont.

The Jersey Devil

James McCloy has sent us some images related to the Jersey Devil. Along with Ray Miller Jr., he authored The Phantom of the Pines, and the two appeared on Monday night's show to discuss their investigation into the creature that has allegedly been seen in Southern New Jersey for several centuries.


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Sat 12.13 >>
Researcher Nick Begich ( will discuss low frequency sonars, weather control, mind control and manipulation, the future, and he will give us a HAARP update.
Sun 12.14 >>
Harry Helms
-Shadow Govt. & Pirate Radio-
Mon 12.15 >>
Michio Kaku
-Theoretical Physics-
Host: Art Bell
Tue 12.16 >>
Gian Quasar
-Bermuda Triangle- website
Wed 12.17 >>
Paul Pearsall
-Personal Transformation-
Thu 12.18 >>
Glenn Kimball
-Mysteries of Christmas-

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