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NOTE: Remember folks, we don't insist any of these are real, but are posted for your enjoyment and consideration. We post what the submitter claims. We leave it up to you to decide what is real and what is phoney.

Paul Bury ( sends us:

About a year ago I bough a new video capture card for my computer. After connecting an ordinary home video camera to the computer I just did some test shots of the room. After watching the recorded material I noticed a person in the window. I did not see the person there when I was shooting it. The person stays for 6 frames and then disappears. What do you think is this a legit ghost picture or could it be a lighting or double exposure of the video tape or something. The original picture is very dark and you can hardly see the person. I made it a bit brighter and sharper in Photoshop but that is all I did.


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Erika ( sends us:

This is a picture I took of 'something' that apeared on my kitchen ceiling when I came home. (08/03/02) I came home, put down my back pack and went into the kitchen. My cat loves to bother me when I get home so, I bent down and began to tease him with his feather thingie. I hear a light screeching noise, so I look around and as soon as I look up, there it is. I thought Oh my gawd I'm gonna die! I ran up stairs and got my sister. She nearly fainted when she saw it. I had to get a picture so I grabbed the camera and did.


Michael Le Pard wrote:

This was taken in Bow, WA on October 13th, 2002 approx. 1pm. The sun was behind me and there were no clouds in the sky. I took several photos, with a Fuji Finepix 1300, on the grounds that afternoon. Upon later examination of the photos on the PC I discovered this photo. Note the layered effect of the apparently moving objects and the different directions of travel. I don't believe that it is a lens flare or a reflection. What do you think?


Nik Stamps ( writes:

I am a student filmmaker. I am currently working on a historical documentary on my hometown Roxborough located in Philadelphia. I have been filming and taking photos of areas of interest in and around Roxborough.

I went for a bike ride in Fairmount Park, which is near by. Fairmount Park is the largest municipal park in the world and is Philadelphia s pride and joy. I was biking in the area named Valley Green, which is a beautiful densely wooded 1,600 acre valley with a creek running through it. When you are in the valley it feels like you are in the middle of the woods miles from human civilization.

I biked to a famous cave called Kelpius Cave. It was once the home of a hermit monk named Johannes Kelpius in the early 1700's. He lived in the valley with his dooms day cult, of 40 followers. They were part of the Rosicrucian order. The Rosicrucians are a brotherhood that claims to have secret wisdom dating back to ancient Egypt.

I needed to take pictures of this cave because it ties into the history of my hometown Roxborough. Well to cut it short I snapped some three photos of the cave and one of the stone monument marking the cave. Well a few days later when I got the photos back from the photo lab one out of the four photos had something strange in it that gave me chills and haunts my dreams now.

In the one photo it looks likes a large cloud of smoke and at the bottom of the cloud is clearly the face of something that s not human. It sorta looks like one of those "gray aliens" I didn't see anything when I was there taking the photos. I scanned up the photos for you to see. I didn't edit this photo in anyway. In this day and age where you can't believe what you see I didn't even want to adjust the brightness/contrast it's totally untouched. It really spooked me.

When I was at the cave I didn't see anything but I didn't feel like going in the cave. Thinking back, I just felt that I didn't want to stay too long, it's a strange place. I'm glad I didn't go in the cave because that face was clearly looking at me.

Kelpius cave is little known but you can find more information on the web about this strange dooms day cult and it's leader Johannes Kelpius. You can post this e-mail and photos on the web.

Thanks art and I love your show it s great.


Daniel Badi ( sends us:

This photograph was taken in Helen Hunt Falls, Colorado on June 22, 2002. I finally got a tripod for my camera as was taking various photos of the forest near a stream. This is one of a path to the west of the stream. I saw nothing while framing the shot, but when I got home... I don't need to explain anymore. What I see is very obviously a human being. This is not a double exposure because it was taken on a digital camera. Please give me your thoughts. I have never seen a ghost before, and would like to have someones professional opinion on what this is.


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