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Trent Lochlier (trentlochlier@yahoo.com) sends us:

This was taken on 2/7/02 by my neighbor during a bar-b-que. We all live in an apartment complex in Issaquah,WA. I was at work at the time, but many of the residence who witnessed it said no one knew it was there until someone shouted "look!". Scott, my friend who took this picture, said he was only able to take one picture before the craft zipped away to the north in a fast streak. The picture was taken with an Intel Pocket PC digital camera.


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Andrew Boughton (andrewiseeyore@yahoo.com) sends us:

I was visiting Yosemitti National Park this summer for my sister's wedding... it was a semi-clear day but some misty clouds came in twards the middle of the day. While I was photographing some mountain scenery a round shaped object came from the west. I tried to center on the "object?", and I jerked my camera... I think that's why it looks a bit blurry. Woudln't you know it that after I took that photo, my camara started rewinding... When I got home I scanned the photo. I heard about Art bell and looked up the sight... so I sized-down the picture (for bandwidth purposes), and sent it in. Don't know what it could be... thought at first it was a balloon covered with alluminum... but it was moving too fast i suppose. Looking at the photo, I can see that it is probably not a balloon.


Drake Stern (drake_stern@hotmail.com) sends us:

This image was taken by an employee of a classified military facility in the Pacific Northwest sometime this month. No further information is available. No official comment was available, and base officials deny awareness of any unusual activity.


Rory From Wilkes-Barre lies to us with this tale:

"This Is A Weird Photo Which You Can Probably Tell By The Look Of It That I Took A Pic Of From My Home In Wilkes-Barre, PA. The Person Seen In The Picture Is My Buddy Kevin. Me And Him Where Both Taking Pictures Of Us Wrestling In A Large Field When He Noticed 4 Flying Discs (3 Of Them That You Can See In This Picture) When He Quickly Told Me To Take A Picture Of It In Which I Did."

REALITY CHECK: This photo has since been found to NOT be Rory's but from an Australian UFO Magazine site. It's from Hawksnest, NSW Easter 1995 and was taken by a man named Ray. Once we get a good link to the original site, we'll post it here. Still an interesting photo.

Shame on you Rory, how do you take pictures of each other wrestling each other anyway? Once I emailed Rory about this, he wrote back: "Your A Faggot." Hey Rory, it's "You're." Oh Well. Enjoy. Keith.

E-Mail Address Removed at Request of the Liar. (Thanks people for bugging him.)

Drew (res0rds5@verizon.net) sends these enhancements and writes:

I used Photoshop 6 as my image program. I use a fractal based plug-in called "Altamira Print Pro." It uses fractal math to enlarge images with the least amount of quality loss. I blew the image up from 480x to 1480x then did some contrast work, and then the sharpen filter... I did not alter the image at all, just enhanced what is already there. Normally I wouldn't give my secrets away, but I would love to see better enhancements of other images out there. Try it yourself!!!!


Louise Weed (LWeed@PacificVascular.com) sends us:

My husband just got these developed. He didn't realize there was a red light which had bathed him while taking the photo. He was coming home from a business trip in Spokane. He took the Ellensburg to Wenatchee highway route, then decided to take the Old Blewitt pass highway over the tops of the mountain ranges - about 1 p.m. There was only an occasional forest service vehicle around. Something kept "buzzing him" but he thought it was a forest service drone. He had bought a picture from a farmer in the valley and took a rest break up on top of the range and took the picture out to look at it. Then he was buzzed again by this shiny object. He managed to snap this photo but then forget all about it. If you zoom in on the object, it looks like a tail or exhaust coming out the back.


Bill Marx (crazydog@meckcom.net) sends us:

I am a truck driver and I travel mostly at night. I have been traveling to Kentucky for the past several years and I have always carried a camera (presently a digital Sony) with me. On Nov 1st, 2001, I was standing beside the road in total darkness about 3am.... there was no other light, except for the moon.... I wanted to take a picture of the quarter moon over the mountains in West Virginia and as I took the picture I noticed a red light in the sky beside the moon and over the side of the mountain. I figured it was an airplane, but it was not blinking and it moved kind of strange and also there was no sound........... I took a series of pictures as it moved toward me and then it jumped back away from me and then sort of zoomed off to the distance. I have no idea what it was but I thought you might like to see these..... it sort of gave me the 'willies', and I have never seen anything like it before or since.


William Watson (watsfitz@sedona.net> writes:

These photos (stills) were taken from videos that I personally taped. The photos have been viewed by Peter Gersten, Tom Dongo and Bob Dean (researchers and authors who I'm sure you are familiar with) who (if there is any question as to their authenticity) will verify that they are actual stills of sightings that I have made. Most videos were taken at 12X but I have enlarged the originals computer still (which show actual dates) and have subtracted single colors from the photos so that distinct oddities regarding the UFO's can be seen.

Furthermore, I can show others how to get similar shots and results that, as the saying goes, "will knock your socks off". How do I know this...I was trained and served in the US Army Special Forces (Abn) and was part of the retrieval unit(s). At 66 years of age and having to live with a bad heart I don't worry about retaliation from governmental or intelligence sources.


George Durham, San Diego, California (NSTYLES@email.msn.com) sends us:

A few weeks ago, I watched a show on Sightings that introduced a new way of photographing ufo's. It's called solar obliteration. Originally, the guy who told sightings about it (I can't remember his name) did this with a video camera, but I thought it might work with a digital camera as well, so I tried it. This morning at about 11:30 a.m. I went into my backyard with my digital camera and used the overhang of my house to block the main portion of the sun (kind of like an artificial solar eclipse). I took a few snapshots, and this is what I got.╩When I took the pictures╩no objects appeared in my lens view, but when I dowloaded the photos to my computer, this is what was there! It looks to me like a round ufo (2) is just coming out of perhaps some type of wormhole (1) and╩on the other pictures you can clearly see silver ball objects, especially closer to the sun! Now, when I saw the Sightings show, the guy said that the idea behind this trick is to block out the╩ center of the suns ultraviolet rays, and that this would reveal the objects. Apparently, they hide in the suns ultraviolet rays, and that is why we can not see them in daylight usually. But, if you remember back to the last Solar Eclipse, there were a rash of sightings all over the world, especially in Mexico city. I cirlcled all of the objects for everyone to see. I did not change these pictures in any way shape or form. These are the original photos I took downloaded directly from my camera into my computer. I had never seen anything that even closely resembled a UFO before this, and I've even been out to Area 51 several times! I am definitely convinced that UFOs exist.


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