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Strange Object Over The Water In Oceanside, California

Gene DeVito (Gino@Iwanthat.com) sends us:

About 10 pm last night (11/26/01) I noticed two super bright objects over the ocean about 35 degrees in a South Western direction. I'd guess about 5 plus miles off the coast line. The light was so bright you could not make out the strange colored lights visible after analyzing digital photos that were taken. The images were analyzed by Hyper Disk Media of Irvine and computer enhanced to view the strange lights and object. The objects just hovered stationary for long periods of time and then faded and reappeared several miles to the West, then repeated the action to the East.

A friend of mine was also flying his Cessna 172 earlier and told me he saw an object extremely bright in the Western sky at the horizon.


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Lorraine Shield (ljshield@home.com) writes: I was walking into my home in Bremerton Wa. at dusk one day quite a few years ago, and happened to see these strange objects in the sky. I rushed in and got my camera and took these two pictures. I forgot about them until I heard about Art Bell's interest in UFO's. Thought he might like to see them.

Webmaster Note: I asked Lorraine to mail the photos to me and I scanned them in myself. The photos are in perfect shape, no tampering noted. I show both photos laying on the scanner and then I re-scanned the area in question at higher magnification. Looks like a GoodYear blimp, but what's all the lights all about?


A couple listeners in Boise, Idaho write:

I just never really gave this stuff about UFO's and such any real thought. I have never been interested in them or even paid any attention to the occasional news report or TV show that came on now and then about the things.

On November 22, 1998 at about sunset, my wife and I were chatting and having coffee in our dining room and we noticed the beautiful colors that were starting to show up in the partially cloud cover sky. I decided to get out the camcorder to capture it as the sun began to set even further into the horizon hoping to catch the kaleidoscope of colors.

It took only a few moments to set the camera up on the tripod just outside the backdoor of our house and to start shooting. I returned inside to get my cup of coffee, and coat, thinking everything would be OK. Well, everything did go OK, I returned and continued to let the camcorder do it's thing.

Soon the colors began to fade and I stopped recording, removed the camcorder from the tripod and took everything back inside. Wanting to see if the camcorder had captured the colors, I connected it to the VCR and began replaying the tape. I was a little put off at first because the recording wasn't quite as good as I expected. That's when "it" appeared and my eyes about popped out of my head. Something came into the frame, then it appeared to change direction sharply and shot off out of the frame at a high rate of speed.

Like I said earlier, I never really paid attention to UFO's but after playing that piece of the tape repeatedly with my wife, (we used slow motion to get a good view of it), we decided that indeed, it must be a UFO. Not wanting to get all excited I called up a friend and had him come over and look at it. Not living far from us, it took him just a few minutes to get to our house. I immediately played the tape for him and he about fainted right then and there. He sat there and played it many times, forward in slow motion, then frame by frame. After what seemed like 20 minutes, he turned to me and said. "You got to send this to Art Bell." I said send it to who? (I apologize, for not knowing who you are.) He repeated your name and then went on to explain who you are. I sat there stupefied and feeling kind of naive about all this UFO talk and stuff, but I listened. After listening to my friend and his suggestion that we contact the local news media or send the tape to you, my wife and I talked, we had heard stories about what happens to people who come forward and say they claim to have seen a UFO. We almost decided to just keep it to ourselves and just keep it a secret, the thought of being put under a microscope by the media if we released the tape just made me want to run and hide. So, I told my friend to forget about it.

Well, he would not relent and said he had an idea. Our friend is a very knowledgeable when it comes to this sort of stuff, which is where you come in. He said he could capture the video with his computer and then we could send you still images of the object in question via e-mail. Then we could forego sending the images to the local paper, and by sending them via e-mail, we could remain anonymous. After talking about it again, my wife and I agreed to his idea.

So, attached to this letter is are still images from the video. My friend also captured the entire sequence of the object coming into sight, then making the radical turn and going out of sight. Since I'm sending you this via an anonymous e-mail address from AOL, you won't be able to reply back. We don't need the publicity that something like this might generate, but we feel that this should be out so that others can view it for themselves. As for me and my wife, we will be fervent listeners in the future and plan on becoming more educated about UFO's and other strange phenomena, and our eyes will forever be checking the sky now and then.


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