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Bonn Bonn (superbonn@onebox.com) sends us:

Here's the Drug Blimp Pic.... yeah there are massive amounts of drugs being run from Mexico down here... but .... it is also in a very extensive and highly active UFO area... with lots of "black Helecopters" to match... and hey Marfa is just down the road too!


Bill Henderson sends us these images, which you can click on to enlarge. Most likely from the Billy Meiers collection.




Norm Klekoda (quasar@iserv.net) Sends us:

I was video tapeing out of my back yard. Did not see the object at the time...is this strange? There is a MPEG attachment with this email.

Click to View MPG Video


Marc Hutchins (mhutch@twcny.rr.com) sends us:

Supposedly, this was shot about 3 years ago near North Bay, Ontario. The website which originally had this is no longer operating. If it's a fake, it's a good one.

UFO Video, (Windows Media Player)
UFO Video, (Real Player)


Mike McManus send us:

I thought you would enjoy seeing these UFO photos. One is of a triangular UFO in Belgium. The other two are color vintage photos from the Washington flap in the 50's.

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