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Azmodius (waterjet@wt.net) writes again:

If Phil Krapf is right, then this just MAY BE a Verdant ship!

Azmodius (waterjet@wt.net) sends us:

The courage of people like Jonathan Reed has given me strength to come forward with photos I took in Houston in 1990! God bless that man and his bold stance for all humanity.

Mike Gingrich (GINGO2@aol.com) writes:

I was outside tonight when I saw at least 15 bright lights in the Eastern Sky. Very bright and "Glimmering." There was no sound what so ever. There is no way it could be an airplane/s, to be planes there would have had to been many flying close together in the same direction at the same time and there was no sound as is evident in the video I took. The lights were so bright, there would have been sound had it been a conventional aircraft/s. I went in to grab my camcorder and went back outside and then there were only 4 lights left in the sky. I video taped them. At first, in the video, you see two lights on the left. These are ground lights in the neighborhood and to the right are the "Glimmering"Lights. Now only 4 left. I taped them above the oleanders. The oleanders above the lights are 6 feet tall. I'm also standing under a ficas tree. I video taped the lights then zoomed back and wanted to get on the other side of the oleanders. I shut the camera off then there was a bright light (a flash) light lightning directly over my head. I walked towards the oleanders and turned around to look above the ficas tree and there was nothing but stars. The lights were gone also.

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Keith A. Hamblin (keithhamblin@hotmail.com) writes:

I am a local truck driver in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Today, 3-1-2001, I was traveling north on Beck Street in Salt Lake City toward Woods Cross and something seemed to flash through the upper part of my windshield. I looked up and whatever was moving was no longer visible but what remained was very strange.

One image shows telephone poles and the top front corner of a semi trailer in the bottom left corner of the picture. These may give an idea of how far and how large this thing was. I'm no expert at such but I estimate it was about 3 miles to the north of me.

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