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Alfonso Reyes captures what is suggested as a UFO, while taking a photo of PopocatÚpetl. This was reported in a Mexican newspaper (Notimex). The story is not on their website any more, but was posted on the www.ovnis.com.mx website. This website is in Mexico, and can be overwhelmed. We have reproduced the newspaper image below from that site, along with an image provided to us from Peter Davenport (right). We are still seeking the original full size image scan.

Incognito Light. This photograph, which shows a strange descending light that seems to turn quickly when approaching the crater of the PopocatÚpetl, was taken Tuesday, December 19, 2000, at 6:10 hours, with a prolonged exposure of 20 seconds, an apature of 4.0, and a lens size of 24 millimeters. Photo: Alfonso Reyes / Notimex.

Hunter (Overlord@alienbabyhead.com> writes:

I am sending these to you to check out. In 1996 I was working at a digital archive. It was my job to remove dust from images, color correct them, and in some cases rebuild missing information. On any given shift I would process 150 to 225 images. As you can guess it could become a mindless task. One night I came across this image in a series, and I stopped cold. There were 4 pictures of the cathedral, and in the third one, there was this image in the upper left corner. It was not in any other.

The original digitalimage was 25 megs, and quite large. I cropped out the object with the steeple in the frame for reference. I then resized the original which is included here. It appears the image is moving from the right to the left side of the image.

Anyway, just thought you might want to see them.

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