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ArtBell.com CD-ROM

ArtBell.com CD-ROM

A collection of photos from various sources submitted to the web page. Remember we don't suggest these are real, just worthy of your consideration.

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[IMAGE] Abducted Cow??? What can we say? We did receive this just prior to April First! (Posted 4/3/99)


[IMAGE] Photo from 1978 taken by a man named Jarad Mathews.


[IMAGE] This is a Painting, Copyright by Mark McCandlish, of exactly what Ramona and Art saw four years ago. See Ramona's description of the sighting. It is VERY accurate. Many have written and asked if it could be an A-12 Avenger II?


[IMAGE]In reference to yesterday's posting of the UFO photo below: "We think our fake is better than their fake. What say you?" askes Tery Call.


[IMAGE] This photo was taken at 10 AM on 6/2/98 on Salisbury Beach Ma. just 1.5 miles from the Seabrook Nuclear power plant, according to jimheat@erols.com. However take a look at direction of the shadows of the person and on the craft!


[IMAGE][IMAGE]Art and Ramona saw a UFO within the contrail of a passing jet on Memorial Day 1997. Here are Real Audio segments from the broadcast, where Art and Ramona describe the sighting and take calls. Now in June 1998, Art received photos from Denise Patterson in St. Louis, that were taken in 1995 of the very same looking object, again near the contrail of a jet. The photos were taken one second apart, thereby showing the rapid movement that was witnessed directly. These were not digitaly altered, Art shows the actual photos in hand on the studio cam.


[IMAGE][IMAGE] "Mysterious Object" photographed by Ron Sprouse of Kaneohe, Hawaii at the Nuuanu Memory Park on April 14, 1998, 3:20PM. Full photo (left) shows an object in the upper right corner, which is blown up (right) for closer examination. Original photo was sent to Art, who scanned it and provided these images.


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