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ArtBell.com CD-ROM

ArtBell.com CD-ROM

[IMAGE] This illustration was created by Mr. Larry Swanson of Poulsbo, WA, who allegedly saw this object for 3-5 seconds that glided over the Bangor Submarine Base at 2122 hrs. (PDT) on May 6th, 1998. He has gone public-- the case was featured on KOMO-TV news at 11PM on May 11th.


[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Gulf Breeze UFO reported on the local FOX news channel. Here is a still from the video tape. The horizontal bars are from the VCR being in pause mode. Whitley Strieber discusses this on Coast to Coast, Feb 10, 1998.


[IMAGE] These are the famous August 6th, 1997, Mexico UFO video stills. More information can be found at the The International UFO Museum and Research Center web site.


[IMAGE] Washington UFO seen by many on the evening of November 14th, 1997. It claims to be a Russian SL-12 Rocket entering our atmosphere. Here are images from Pat Marker and Craig Sutton.


IMAGE A video snapshot of the UFO over Glendale from Jeff Willes.


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