Midnight in The Desert

ArtBell.com CD-ROM

ArtBell.com CD-ROM


12/17/01 UPDATE: Here is a Flash animation file created by Toby Mack (tobymack@eastsidestory.com) of part of the song.

Crystal Gayle visited her friends Art and Ramona Bell at Art's studio in Pahrump, Nevada where Art originates his popular late night radio talk show. Guitarist Mike Loudermilk and husband Bill Gatzimos joined Crystal, Art and Ramona for Lunch at the Pahrump Winery.

Art Bell guest reveals classified alien contact project. Amazing story.

Crystal presented Art with a recording of "Midnight In The Desert," an original song that she, Mike and Bill wrote for Art. Art debuted the song on his show on October 19th. He received a tremendous response and many requests for a copy of "Midnight In The Desert". Crystal is excited to offer the recording to her fans for free downloading. The entire song "Midnight In The Desert" is available here FREE as an MP3 download in full CD quality.

RIGHT click HERE to download (Save link as) the MP3 file. This is a very large file and will take time to download. Enjoy!!

A CD single will also be available from us. Click below to email us if you are interested in ordering a CD.


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