ArtBell.com CD-ROM

ArtBell.com CD-ROM

Chimera Studios (Chimerainred@aol.com) writes: As of 6 months ago, a whole chapter has been added to my belief system. It all began when I got a digital camera. The first two photos I got off the back of our small boat at the California Delta this July.  Nothing was visible at the time, nor was anyone smoking. The area is extremley windy and I doubt that even if the actual boat was on fire, it could not generate enough smoke to obscure the shore as seen in one of the two. At the time I completely ignored these as being faulty as I was taking pictures for artwork. It wasn't until 2 months later when I realized all my "faulty" pictures had something in common - ORBS.

The next three photos are of these things wharever they are. The ones labeled "Lets Go" and "Hurry" are taken from my car driving slowly, the 1st taken over my back the 2nd taken ahead of me. You see they follow me in the car. They were taken approx. 2 weeks ago, while the one labeled "Here they are" was taken on Oct. 27th '01. the one labeled "hurry" was taken on Oct. 21st. But the really remarkable thing about all this is I continue to take pictures like these night after night and have over 900 photos to date. I walk outside my front door and they are there. Before this happened I had seen photos of orbs before but I always thought they were fakes until now.

Let's Go!


Here they Are

After the Sept. 11th crisis I saw orbs in the background of the nighttime news footage of ground zero. Whatever these things are they hang around me and my house and follow me when I leave. Some of them have faces - animal, human or unknown species. In the one labeled "hurry" if you zoom into the bright stationary orb you should see a face. These were all taken with an Olympus Digital and have not been altered in any way - they are straight out of the camera. As you can imagine I am looking at any and all sources of information I can, on what these things are, and why me, and would greatly appreciate any response or thought you might have.

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D. L. Halse (dleslah@hotmail.com) sends us: My husband and I where recently visiting friends in Lovelock Nevada. while there, we went to Lovelock cave out. I was trying to take photos with my digital and could get nothing clear because of all the orbs in the pics. I often hear orbs to be evidence of paranormal activity so I thought you might be interested in the pictures. I have no idea what caused this, all my other pictures where clear, to the naked eye the cave was very clear. My camera was working fine before and after the cave .

Steve in California (Aquasaur@aol.com) says: I had retired for the evening and had gone to sleep. Later that night, I awoke to a hissing sound. When I sensed that the sound was moving, I rolled over and saw an orb, about the size of a cantalope, flaoting through my room. I was too scared at first to move. When it started moving away, I got my digicam and when I saw the orb on the LCD screen, I recorded some images. These are raw unprocessed images.  I have seen things like this during my childhood, but this is the first time I've recorded an image.